The Faith in Love

Don’t trust evil! This statement is truthful and intriguing at the same time. People are accustomed to believe in bad things, to trust evil rather than good, to think negatively rather than positively, or not to think at all — which may be the primary call for evil. We are inclined not only to trust evil but, consequently, to do it. For a young gal looking to get married, dreaming of her Prince Charming, winning this mental game against the stampeding evil thoughts, fighting her fears of the future, dashing the blind guessings about the unknown, all of these are crucial decisions to make, or to break, one’s life.

When I got married, twenty-five years ago, a host of faint questions was raving through my mind. But the answer to them was only one, loud and clear, hard like granite and irresistible like a maiden’s will: I was in love to my chosen man and so I married him to live with him, to share the better and the worse with him until death do us part — which was also a nagging question to me, the death parting us?, because I wish we’d be commorientes (always together, never apart). See how decisive I can be with my answers covering all thinkable ends? But marrying is about life and producing more life and — most of all — enjoying what you have by giving yourself to your loved one.

Marriage is about faith and living happily married ever after is about the Faith in Love.

Margaret Thatcher said once, at least in the biographical movie “The Iron Lady,” that nowadays people don’t think, just feel. Faith is a combination of the two, of feeling and thinking. On one end you feel that you believe synergistically, on the other you think and rationalize your act of trusting only to bring it up to new horizons because, if bringing it down with your thinking, then it’s not about faith anymore, but about doubt, the opposite. Sure, I know, I know, science requires doubt, any due process is based on a reasonable doubt. This is all fine, all nice and great and almost perfect. Because science, the knowledge, is limited, this makes it less “perfect.” But love is indeed Perfect, makes you jump in the unknown with your eyes wide open, like the soldier that is sent in the deserts or like the woman giving birth to a new life. Love is our victory against the unknown, and against the evil shadows lingering around. And what else could be love if there’s no faith in your soul? Can you “love” the doubts about the unknown? Will you start a marriage based on doubt?

Here we are, in the times of feelings and doubts, when young gals with a smidgen of analytical thinking will doubt anything (that’s the religion of science poured on them by the Academia), including marriage; when other young gals never trained to think (because in high schools they teach empathy not logic) will feel like having a crush, or will take the butterflies flying in their bellies as the ultimate “sign” to get married to a guy about whom they “feel” that is the one. Decisions based on doubts or feelings lead nowhere.

A smart gal will be a student until she’s well into her forties, when she’s finally done with her doctorate degrees or when her career is booming with fancy corporate results. Contemplating alone across the desolate field of doubts might trigger that marriage alarm clock in her mind, especially with her other clock, in the womb, slowing down to menopause.

An impulsive gullible gal will hurry to marry the handsome lad who scored four touchdowns “in a single game” while playing for the Polk High School Panthers in the 1966 city championship game versus Andrew Johnson High School, who loves nudie magazines, free beer, bowling and “nudie” bars… Sounds familiar? It does because it is much more than fiction.

Being an intelligent but doubtful gal, or a rushing but gullible one, and nothing more, may land you, twenty years later, at the same destination: single, divorced, unhappy, hating men (for the undeniable pigs living in them), seeing only the evil part in them, and in everything else, haunted by a sour soul, looking for evil, embracing him (evil is not an it) and doing like him. In another renowned four-letter word: LOST.

On the contrary, being an intelligent or a gullible, but faithful and positive-thinking gal, may very well land you in a realistic, but lovely, universe of serious responsibilities and beautiful rewards. Living your life is about building a home, planting a tree and producing offspring, about building something that your heirs will be proud of. The university, the corporation, the community, the career, etc. are magic delusions. In order to achieve something in, or with, your life you have to build, and to build you have to marry a man who has a plan. Having children gives a durable sense to your efforts. Divorcing your man will only obliterate any prior sense of planning and waste what you have already built together.

Oh my, oh my...

Oh my, oh my…

Problems? You think that your man is giving you problems? I think that whenever I gave sex to my man all his problems, and mine, waned away. Frequent sex is the best medicine for men. A housewife who knows how to be naughty and sexually surprise her hubby will conquer every corner of his mind, she will impersonate the Mistress of his dreams, the hooker that he noticed while waiting at the traffic lights, the long-legged model  on those billboards that he stared at, the porn star that he watched late at night on the web. You can become everything for him and this way you can teach him to be everything for you. This is what I call a happy and ever-lasting marriage.

Do not believe in evil! Anything bad that we hear about someone is a lie, not necessarily in content, but definitely in intent. Evil cannot be true by definition. Evil is Lucifer’s work, and if the deceiver first teaches us into error, afterwards he trumpets to everyone around about how groovy that error was so that evil will multiply.

The error I’m referring to in this article is for a lady to be single or divorced. Find your mate, trust him, follow him, give him until you’ve mastered his mind — it’s easier than you may imagine (a man’s mind, I mean). Be his loving mistress and have him build a lovely life for you and for your children.

Have Faith in Love!

Learn how to master your man's mind -

Learn how to master your man’s mind –

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