My Love Making, on Film

Before I can even think of starting to wow and wail myself out on this new freedom that I’ve indulged into, please allow me to wish you


By any means, don’t be alone today, if your soul mate is somewhere else, far away, out of reach, etc., then call her and maybe skype her as well so that you can see and hear each other as long as time permits. Discharge on her all the cuddling words that you know she craves to hear, then gently bring her to the moments of skype-sexting. Dive together, wisely like in a hot bathtub, with your words guiding her hands but never-ceasing to caress her ears. You know the rest: copiously please herself  before you’d even think to jack off 🙂

Now back to my decadent lifestyle. Could be the age, could be the desire to escape the world, could be the menopause and the hormones, could be the friendship to my crazy man, could be all of them and few more that I don’t know. Or it could be none! I can’t explain why I wish to be filmed while making love to my man and why it turns me on to watch these scenes afterwards. I can sense a quite “manly” behavioral pattern applying to my female mind. Or is it solely female anymore?

Confusion wants to grab my soul back to the anxious mine field of questions without answer. But I know how to strike back: I wish to give everything to my man (everything that he asks from me and a tad more of extras to surprise him) and take anything that he offers me, without bothering (too much) about doing the math, or putting all things in the balance. Sure, there are limits and judgments and reasonable forecasts, all blessed and good to follow. But this is not the day for analysis, is it?

I’ll let you watch my twenty-five minute-long hard-core erotic movie which presents the way my man is using to make love to me every other day or so. Watch the video on


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