More Oral Pleasures

Five weeks ago I blogged about how much I love having Don’s tongue playing with my clit. That was endorsed with an 11 minute-long movie proving my orgasms at the works of his tongue and making the practical point that, whenever I have a good clitoral orgasm, I need to have his dick inside me, cornering my pleasures, having the hormones firework my head up and body down to that searched-for trembling and sustained orgasmic paroxysm.

We planned quite a lot of events for that morning of February 6th. Some of them never happened and some others went just fine. Oh, I can say that they went awesome and that it was an exceptional morning. In a way it was, because it’s not every day when we mount the camera on the tripod adding the old VHS camera with its projector for more lighting. But in another way it was rather normal to have my Don please me away on the wonderful wings of orgasm. It’s amazing to have such a hubby.

What we did not film that day was his orgasm, his ejaculation. Why? Because I wanted it to be that way, fearing that the movie will turn too boring (already 28 minutes in it). It’s a lot of tedious manual labor in bringing him to orgasm and ejaculation. On the contrary, it takes just few short minutes for his tongue to fire me up. Wondering why and keeping my musings on this for another blog. Have fun watching our oral pleasures (in the members area at

2 thoughts on “More Oral Pleasures

  1. Lucky guy you are so beautiful and I bet so sweet to taste lick and tease to beautiful orgasm please you as you wish

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