Do I Look Better Naked?

Two weeks, no blog here on HSiM. Sure, I’ve posted my weekly erotica in writing and filming on my adult sites, but missed the couple philosophy on healthy sex. I hurry to catch up with you.

1. The other twin caught the flu from his sister and had to stay at home for another week. The shy bunny and also the mighty cougar were thus chased away by the unstoppable Godzilla in me.

2. Don tinkered more with our adult business strategy. Opened what he calls the “Daring Doris Directory” and had me blush when showing me the header of it. I can say that we have already walked a long way through this adult business of ours, although no longer than half a year. I can also say that posing and teasing remains my preferred sector. Normally, says hubby: give out as little as you wish and expect as much as you can get. But I know, like he does, like you know, that life works the other way around: give out as much as you can and expect for little or nothing. Still, I don’t mind seeing myself working my only lover in our new erotic movies. Blame the multiple orgasms that he gives me, expecting for little in exchange. I already realized that I look better, much better, when naked. This won’t prevent me from dreaming at fancy dresses and fashionable clothing.

3. We finally got on board a new expert in matters of couple counselling, sex in marriage and life coaching. An old family friend, Heinz V. Hoffburgh accepted to share his knowledge on our sites. Our common goal is to have more and more young (and not so young) couples understand and accept that marriage or concubinage for your entire life is THE BEST OPTION. Divorce and separation is not and fighting solitude is a good thought to begin with. And we’re showing you the best of what a marriage can give (in poses and films) but also talk about the shadows and abysses that we had to avoid in order to stay together. Heinz will bring in more cases from his rich experience as a life coach.

Together with Ruddy Adam’s ideas, good tips from Heinz V. Hoffburgh have proven useful to us for over a decade. Like anyone else, we had our rough times and we learned to cross the bridge without staring too long after the water that went under it. So can you! Your great love is either near you or waiting for you. It only takes to have a closer look.


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