Doris in Red, and Black, and Nothing

I have got a wonderful mail from Bob. From what I can read from him, in private mails as well as in public comments, I know that he is a sensitive and caring man. With good taste and that kind of fantasy that suits me. Let me tell you that men who fantasize as Bob does are keepers!

Of course, the ideal of an after-dinner nightly romance, with me getting out of the dream red party dress, with Don breaking free of his best suit, with us making love on a wide bed tidily covered in white satin, and so on…, of course that Bob’s dreams, like mine (and probably Don’s), were scattered in our Wednesday morning porn parody (watch it in the members area). We did our best to stay as close as possible to the “script” but: 1. we cannot setup a scene to film by night, yet!; 2. when reading Bob’s mail I started to think what dress should I wear?, hours later I find the last red rain coat at the supermarket and Don buys it for me — it’s more than coincidence, I said; 3. took us few hours to move the furniture, then move it back, for a resulting film of 30 minutes; 4. Don post processed the footage more hours on Thursday and woke up today at 4am to have it finished and uploaded at 10am; 5. yesterday we filmed the sequel, that is why Don had no chance to finish the film. Yes, there’s always a sequel.

Click on the images down under to get to the current enhanced version of this love making video.



7 thoughts on “Doris in Red, and Black, and Nothing

    1. Thanks for your delightful comments. At one point in the movie I arrive to be nude and eaten πŸ™‚

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