February 61st 2013

Warming Up, Globally…

Today, on February 61st 2013, I am so happy for –mainly– two reasons: one is that the snows of last week have warmed up to chilly rains, even the yesterday morning timid snowflakes were melting when touching the grass; two is that mom stays with us until mid April — we brought her on February fifty-something!

Don is happy mainly because I am. But his camera, lucky her she has no notion of happiness or sadness for that matter, remains sequestrated in her fancy bag for the time being: all what’s left of this long February and even some of the early days of April.

With not very much time at hand — gotta be the best host for mom! — I’ll allow Don to post some kitchen photos, taken on February 12th (oh, it seems like yesterday…). It was a cloudy day, just like today, when I came back from the hairdresser. He took these snaps and then a little movie. Oh yes, I’m curious to see how he’s gonna process that movie on the big screen. That goes without saying that mom has not the slightest idea about my parallel life πŸ˜€ … “You don’t say,” as my daughters use to argue with the candid arrogance of the youth.

Sharing with you a few downsized photos, the more and the high res are to be found in the members area. And the zero-edited images, straight from the camera, in the Daring Doris Directory.

Have fun! Will work my way to write or tweet more tidbits through these rainy and grainy days of February sixty-something 2013.

“Hope there’s no February sixty-nine, or what do you think?” Mischievously asked Don from beneath his Thinkpad…

Giving Up, Arguing… Β 

I’ve argued a bit with hubby about these pictures. They show how fat my bum has become throughout this longer winter. And I don’t like it. They also show the wrinkles on my face. And I don’t like it either!

I know what to do in order to get my ass back in the fitness line: return to gardening, when February will be FINALLY GONE! But how about my wrinkles? Besides the Co Q10 laden Eucerin cream, I’ll have to spend hours at the cosmetician. Not sure where to fit this in my busy schedule…

However, I’m a bit relaxed that I have the courage to publish pics that are not exactly pleasing me. If they please hubby, if he likes my backside in XL and loves my wrinkles, then why should I stop him?

But hey, how about editing the wrinkles out? Many people do that. Yes, but why lie? Powdering and Photoshopping have their virtues at occasions. Not today!, err, not through this long February 2013, be it the 12th or the 61st… πŸ™‚

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