Staring at You!

Two days after filming “When in Red, When in Black” I tell Don that we must hurry up to film the sequel (which he later named “Over the Pink”).

“Look, the sun hides again behind the hefty and shadowy clouds. And, oh, it started to snow again…” As I keep talking, he leaves the kitchen for our “bedroom corner” in the living where he screws in three of the loosen bulbs into the luster. Out of five, we are content with the light given by two bulbs, out of economy, unless we have to make a film on a dense cloudy day, like that Friday was. “Light makes all the movie!” He says, adding his old camera lighting to the 200 Watts from the ceiling.

Why do I have to listen to him? Writing about all these technicalities that may interest a geek but not me? I don’t know! Really, I’d better focus on romance and the eroticism of our love-making movies. But mom is still with us (for a day or two) and my mind cannot focus (or relax) back to the detached mood that I have experienced when filming “Over the Pink.” I’ll need a few good mornings home alone with Don in order to recoup and, most likely, film another erotic movie.

You may ask, however, what’s the difference among all these movies? Same Doris, same Don, doing things to each other, the limited set of sexual things. And not even anal!

Believe me, I’ve taken your thoughts into consideration. Asked Don to let me gaze at the camera when I do things to him and also when he does what he knows best to me. I wish to greet your fantasies with a sweet stare from my marriage bed. And now I’d better stop talking, present you a few snaps and then, finally, the film: “Over the Pink” — 33 minutes long, involving some sexual positions that I seldom engage in. Like the doggie style. Last time I allowed him to penetrate me from behind it was dunno how many years ago. It ached my back for days. Just like this time. I had to pay the minutes of deep pleasure with a couple of days, and nights, of joints and spine suffering. Enjoy the film (members) and tell me what you liked, and what you didn’t.

I seldom adopt this position for penetration. See why...

I seldom adopt this position for penetration. Click on the image to see why…

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