Promiscuous Prudes, Erotic Feminists

Politics or porn, which is worse? Following or leading, which is best? Been blogging about the subtlety of these contradictions for years. Feeling like the weirdo blowing a whistle in the silence of a church. But yesterday I’ve heard the sound of other whistles, coming from the choir. Here the excerpts.

“Graphic language, nudity and sex are now commonplace in movies and on cable television. At the same time, there is now almost no tolerance for casual and slang banter in the media or the workplace. A boss who calls an employee “honey” might face accusations of fostering a hostile work environment, yet a television producer whose program shows an 18-year-old having sex does not. Many colleges offer courses on lurid themes from masturbation to prostitution, even as campus sexual-harassment suits over hurtful language are at an all-time high.”

“When America was a far more traditional society, few seemed to care that Gen. Dwight Eisenhower carried on an unusual relationship at the front in Normandy with his young female chauffeur, Kay Summersby.”

“Decades after the rise of feminism, popular culture still seems confused by it. If women should be able to approach sexuality like men, does it follow that commentary about sex should follow the same gender-neutral rules? Yet wearing provocative or inappropriate clothing is often considered less offensive than remarking upon it.”

“Modern society also resorts to empty, symbolic moral action when it cannot deal with real problems. So-called assault weapons account for less than 1 percent of gun deaths in America. But the country whips itself into a frenzy to ban them, apparently to prove that at least it can do something — without wading into the polarized racial and class controversies of going after illegal urban handguns, the real source of the nation’s high gun-related body count.”

“Not since the late-19th-century juxtaposition of the Wild West with the Victorian East has popular morality been so unbridled and yet so uptight.”

“In short, we have become a nation of promiscuous prudes.”

Excerpts taken from “Postmodern Prudes” by Victor Davis Hanson at

Smelling the stench of political pretense is an indicator that you are –still– a healthy “social being.” How many of us have the courage to openly talk about this veiled fabric of lies? Do you think that it should be difficult? Don’t. Take example from our Creator. Jesus always spoke about truths in sharp and scandalous words. He didn’t negotiate with society.

We are fallen creatures (look, gravity sticks our bodies to earth even if — the nerds say — it is such a weak force, compared to others) and thus our lives fluctuate between a high and a low. Pretending that we are saints all the time is a lie — at least for the “social being.” If we cherish our “above average” maximums (Victorian England style), then why not publicly laugh at our “average” minimums (Libertine French style)? Being true to yourself enlightens your mind and lightens your heart. Some of the distinguished Pharisees may have noticed that and did what Saul has decided to do.

Now let me get back, down from the heights of history, to my webmistress hat: showing my bum and pussy on the web for the masturbatory joy of men that I never met (and never wish to) wasn’t exactly on my mind as a young college feminist twenty-five years ago (when I got married to my webpimp of today). However, if we are about to play by the ball of “isms,” then we may notice the existence of an ever-growing culture of porn feminism. Names, or nicknames, pen names, screen names, like Camille Crimson, Raven from WatchersWeb, Abby Winters, etc. are proof that, politics and philosophy aside, women are not mere objects of lust; that, even from this primeval naked position, a woman has the power to control a man’s mind, for better or for worse, according to her wish. Remember that, when Eve slipped, an entire planet of men had to suffer.


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