Over the Pink – Movie Timeline







00:00:20 – She says no to licking. Not now!

00:00:37 – In this movie she wants to show you just one thing: the joy of giving me head.

00:00:49 – Well, yes, she’s gonna show off quite a lot too.

00:00:56 – Midlife porn is not like mainstream porn: the blow job begins on a limp penis and gently develops from there.

00:02:31 – When she licks the belly of my dick it makes me feel better than when she just sucks on it.

00:02:41 – But sucking it does wonders to the hydraulics: it hardens the old vascular network.

00:02:57 – Now she gives me a taste of my own dick.

00:03:14 – “Hey you! Stranger! Watch me! It’s delicious, mmm… mmm…” End of quote.

00:03:48 – She considers my dick hard enough to stand the wet squeeze of her pussy.

00:04:00 – Riding her exclusively owned, and laid down, donkey face to face. What a courageous cowgirl!

00:04:18 – Caressing my legs, her hips, my abdomen. As she keeps riding me.

00:04:25 – A tad of shaking to please the rider.

00:05:00 – And she’s out of my half-hard dick. Do I have a shower or a grower? My [shower?/grower?] goes between 10cm (sleeping or hanging around) to 17cm (a record at times, less often now at 45 than then at 25). And the average of 13-14cm (half-hard) is enough to get a hang on something, allowing her those translational and rotational moves in it. Young guns (rough ones) cursed women to eternally be fucked by a half-hardened dick. Well, when those guys will be 45 they’d better be proud to pound a pussy with their half-hard dicks. So am I.

00:05:07 – Back to her blow job theme. This movie was her idea: to suck me dry and nothing less.

00:05:29 – Dunno why her deep throat initiatives won’t go all the way down, or up. Proudly affirming that I don’t even wanna know… Yes, I sound stupid. It’s because of writing a timeline about a porn movie where my brainless lower head gets all the attention. What would you expect from my diatribe, quantum theory?

00:06:15 – When two souls are in love, their eyes yearn to intersect. Mostly when she feels my dick throbbing on her lips, then she smiles at me with her entire face. In exchange she gets a throb more. “Ain’t that lovely?” — as she likes to put it.

00:07:07 – Yeah, baby. Keep up the rhythm.

00:07:47 – Have you ever had your bunny kiss your balls? Ahhh…

00:07:52 – I feel obliged to up the leg, only to give her space down the raphe to my ass. She kisses it (the raphe) for a second so she can revert where the focus is: to the blow job!

00:08:10 – Her hand enters the stroking job because, you know, reinforcements have arrived.

00:08:29 – “Hey, you! Stranger, I give you a frugal gaze.” Eye contact through the camera, with the watcher, is what Doris theorized before this movie. She asked me if I’m okay, allowing her to smile and stare into the camera while sucking or fucking me. Sure I am.

00:09:09 – And my dick went South. She kneads it and…

00:09:55 – …And she dances her butt in the air, as her hands and lips play the organ. She even waves me a tongue.

00:10:01 – Finally I give up and take the matter in my own hand. This is it, if you were given hands, then use them when in need.

00:10:07 – After dancing on her knees, in front of me, she considers the smarter approach towards the camera, wanting to occupy the screen and capture your attention while in the background, you know…

00:10:17 – “Laughing at the camera. He’s at it, again!” Says she, very explicitly.

00:11:22 – Enough dancing in all directions. Time for the cowgirl to take a new ride. This time showing me her ass.

00:11:50 – Enough efforts on my part to keep the flag. I escape from her riding and plan to do what I haven’t done in years: give it to her doggy style. Why not doing this regularly? Because… you’ll see, read on.

00:12:11 – Her caring hand puts me inside her pussy from behind. Wow, after years and years of abstinence I take position, pushing forward.

00:12:19 – She keeps telling me to act gently and thoroughly because it aches. Last time she did this, it echoed in a days-long back pain. It will echo again, the days after we shot this movie.

00:12:31 – But she wants to chase away the haunting memories. So she turns her candid eyes back to the camera: to YOU! And she smiles, and laughs. Good time!

00:13:21 – Pleasure assorted with pain abruptly ends at this second: she pulls out of my dick.

00:13:27 – Wasting no time, she regroups in the missionary position, this is her preferred one. Wonder why? A housewife and a mother of 4 has more than her fair share of physical chores around the house. Opposed to all chores, sex is relaxation for her. She just loves to lay down in this lazy position, spread her legs and have me bring the pleasures to her. “The internal massage,” as she calls this, takes her to a realm where fireworks keep cracking, burning and blowing.

00:14:22 – “Grab my tits while you fuck me so good!” Did she spoke this to me?, or just insinuated as she pressed my palms against her boobs?

00:14:49 – She also enjoys watching the thrust.

00:14:55 – She rotates her ass to press her pussy deeper in my penis, avidly pushing for that expected orgasm.

00:15:03 – Yes, honey, clear my navel.

00:15:11 – “Ha, hah, look at me, you stranger!” Laughs she again against the camera.

00:15:52 – Was that an orgasm? Which one?

00:16:05 – As she disperses her climax, the romantic move is to embrace her and kiss her mouth. It’s all about the connection, man!

00:16:12 – Oh, and don’t forget about the thrust. Fuck her like there’s no tomorrow. Seize the moment.

00:16:48 – Look at her hands on my buttocks. She’s confused between cuddling and forcing me deeper inside her.

00:17:13 – Back to the perpendicular missionary position. The key of change is this: make sure to keep your dick in her pussy. Don’t disconnect!

00:17:48 – French kissing break during the constant pussy fucking. Don’t allow her to get bored by the drill(ing).

00:18:00 – Gently grab her graceful neck in your palm, keep kissing and fucking all the way.

00:18:28 – Often times, with her orgasmic state prolonging, her inner thighs begin to ache. Think that the tendons are too stressed. Then it’s time for the fucker to spread his legs wide, to make a span for hers relaxing. And never cease the rhythmic fucking…

00:18:57 – Music or no music. Alternate fast fucking with slow fucking. Make her one with you.

00:19:26 – She hugs me tight to have me stop the linear movement. I obey and bury my dick as deep as her vagina allows. Sometimes I can slightly sense her cervix.

00:19:40 – “Cuddling is essential.” You bet. Romance her beyond what she ever dreamed. Be her man, her dick, her teddy bear.

00:20:04 – Oh, and don’t try to get out of her pussy. Stay in there. Isn’t this what you love best? Pussy sex!

00:20:17 – Take active part at the intercourse dialog. Be articulate and attentive to answer her saying.

00:20:53 – Conclude the talking with another French kiss and move your ass in and out to remind her that your dick is still scuba diving. If she ever forgot…

00:21:53 – Her romancing break slips — or spikes — back over the orgasmic frenzy. You can keep her climaxes up and coming for a long time if you control your ignition sensors, or if you’re old enough to have them worn-out. The sensors, that is.

00:22:07 – She’s now comfortable to spread her legs wide again, spanning mine. The dick remains in. To make sure about that, she fixed it with her right hand.

00:22:14 – And we’re back to the initial perpendicular missionary fucking. The way she likes to blow her mind like colorful fireworks — according to her description.

00:22:51 – The results won’t come late…

00:24:53 – She gasped and screamed before, not just now. So don’t get tired. Keep pounding.

00:26:05 – Got her ‘fix und fertig’ or ‘fick und fertig’ or fucked and done. And I thought this was a movie about me getting a blow job…

00:26:36 – Another standard position is the sixty-nine. Do you like my ass?

00:27:07 – She’s into blowing me, this time from down under!

00:27:18 – I love when her lips kiss my ass. Although I know that she’s actually kissing and licking around my ass. Nevertheless it’s an awesome feeling for a man.

00:27:37 – Fuck her mouth, she loves it, especially while you pretend to bite her clit with your teeth, frantically slapping it with your tongue, sucking it softly, pushing her labia against each other, squeezing the liquid sugar out of her pussy.

00:29:05 – Hm. Brewing clitoral orgasms erupt through her head again, courtesy of my tongue. Me? Nothing new on the Western Front. I’m the missionary soldier happy to fulfill his mission — code-named sixty-nine, this time.

00:31:02 – Mission 69 complete. Blow job playing from below, nice tickling.

00:31:24 – She likes to be in charge. So be it.

00:33:02 – Her tongue and lips and mouth and hand work hard to reinvigorate my tired penis. I think I’ll take a rest, before…

00:33:21 – …reactivating the secret weapon: MY RIGHT HAND!

00:33:51 – But she wants her hand stroking, not mine. What can I do, resist?

00:34:41 – Mission 69 relaunched. With her on top.

00:36:59 – Time to take the situation in my own hand.

00:37:14 – Time for Doris to look into YOUR eyes, through the camera — of course.

00:38:45 – Enough gazing and resting, back to her stroking blow job.

00:39:23 – I’ll spare her the Carpal tunnel. Getting at it again.

00:39:54 – She masks my labor with her adorable bunny looks, yes, into your eyes and, yes, through the camera.

00:41:32 – Stroking myself, poking her pussy with my tongue, feeling her breath on the skin of my thighs, all these made me reach a point of orgasm sometime around this second, but I still had to ejaculate. They talk about anejaculatory orgasms. Guess this was such a moment.

00:42:17 – And this a similar one.

00:42:32 – And another one.

00:43:21 – Her hand replaces mine and thus gives me the most ecstatic manly moments of this movie. Did I cum? No.

00:43:49 – I take over from her.

00:44:16 – As I stroke myself, her fingers caress my prostate.

00:44:31 – Yet another moment of mine. Look at her tongue, where she points?

00:45:11 – Her fingers caressing my prostate are just awesome.

00:45:42 – She wants to suck and takes over.

00:45:54 – I then take over from her. Man is a creature of habit.

00:46:15 – My climax is nigh.

00:46:21 – She takes over it.

00:46:38 – My turn.

00:46:48 – Our camera runs out of memory. Doris ran out of juices long ago. I still have to cum. It will happen. The first jet will hit her palate. She will mix my sperm with her saliva before sharing it with me in what the French call “la boule de neige” and then I’ll go down on her once more. A shame that’s all off the record. For another time, and another movie. All movies (including this one: “Over the Pink”) in the members area.

Reported by Don Dawn, Doris’ romantic (and pornographic) hausmeister.

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