Casual Oatmeal Dessert

Yesterday I had hubby shoot several short juicy films with us, or just me. I took the initiative because yesterday was our last “regular” home alone day. From now on (till the 1st of September), we’ll have only hectic home alone hours and I wished to give him as much “material” as possible in advance, just to make sure. Besides, posing and performing in front of the camera makes me feel slim and young. This had me thinking, for the entire day, that I lost one kilogram — what an exuberant feeling. But then, when challenging the scales in the evening, I noticed that the kilo was still there. Am I the one to give up so easily? Especially now that spring is my close ally, that the garden is my green playground. But let me share my casual oatmeal dessert recipe with you. It’s perfectly adaptable according to what you have in the cabinets. Sugar free!

I don’t mix oat flakes with flour. I don’t pay too much attention to quantities. I assess upon instinct. Easier than this can’t be.

I spread a 500 grams pack of oat flakes, or less. Crack two or three eggs on it, add a bit of salt and yogurt or kefir (of course, home-made by myself from raw milk, unprocessed, directly from the cow’s udder). When I find that there’s too much kefir in the fridge, then I know it’s time to consume it on yet another cake. It would be a pity letting it alter in the fridge.

As sweeteners, I use raisins, chopped dates or chopped fruits, apples included. I tried also with bananas, cherries, all kinds of berries. Each time my cake was different, and sometimes it was so different that they asked me if it’s a new recipe.

When I wish to make cookies, then I make the dough harder, I model the biscuit forms and place them on the plate, over the baking paper that I previously oiled with a thin-film of extra virgin olive oil (we use this oil at almost everything: to cook or bake, as mouth cleanser or skin softener, it’s sort of universal product in our home).

But when I find no time to play (modeling cookies), then I make the dough more fluid, by adding either more yogurt or less flakes, depending of how much yogurt (or kefir) I have available.

I place it in the oven, at 170 Celsius degrees for 40-45 minutes. If I wish to make it crack then I’ll indulge a few more minutes until I can see that it’s getting a bit ruddy.

Now let me recap the ingredients:
1. oat flakes – between 300 and 500 grams;
2. 2-3 eggs, complete;
3. little salt;
4. yogurt, kefir, or both mixed, approx. 250-300 ml. You can add cream, milk, or similar to wet the flakes.
5. to sweeten: raisins, dates, fruits. You can combine different fruits or use just one kind.

Lay the dough on baking paper, lightly oiled with olive oil.
Preparation time: max 10 minutes.
Baking time: approx 45 minutes at 170 Celsius degrees.

Yumm, Yumm…


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