My Fat Winter Ass

Unspecific for the neck of the woods where we live, this year had no spring. Around mid April we jumped from winter to summer, just like this. From freezing mornings to torrid middays.  I have nothing to complain, I can tell… Just presenting you a nice little film that we made on February 12th, along with the pictures from this set. I was wary and quite defensive about posting this film. This because I look too fat in it, or fat enough to consider it not exactly one of my best shots. Still Don encouraged me to show off not just my physical assets but also my courage, to defy myself and dare on, like a man would do. Yes, seems that this hubby of mine makes me think and behave more and more like him. I influence his ways too but I often stop short of feminizing him, not to get catty and competitive instead of snuggly, straight and settled — the way I got accustomed to love him.

Titled “Fat February,” this film introduces you to my kitchen, where I prepare green and yellow peas for lunch, along with beets and other veggies that came on the table after the camera has been wrapped up.  There’s a meat moment for your maximal pleasure. Watch, imagine and enjoy (members only).

As of now, with the sunny days, I’m all out and about to get rid of the extra kilograms, doing my garden and also doing some gym, when not doing Don. What his camera filmed of my outdoors activities you may find on 😛

Oh, another reason for shooting this film was that I just arrived from the hairdresser. Do you like my constant, slightly adjusted, long hairstyle?



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