Wladimir Klitschko Wins Again

Often when I have to work at night, I prefer watching two screens: one of the notebook sitting on my lap in bed with us (purring on my shoulder, or close to it, Doris adorns her sleep mask, so that the light of the laptop won’t disturb her too much) and the other one is the bigger TV screen in front of our bed (in a mute ambient, as the sound makes its wired way to my headphones).

Yesterday evening my son wanted to watch Star Trek XI on our TV downstairs, with us. In the afternoon he watched The Avengers together with his twin sister. Doris wished he’d sleep early and heal faster out of his cough (seems that she suffers more than him).

Shortly after Mr. Spock (the old) pressed two fingers on Cpt. Kirk’s (the young) cheek and eyebrow (to update him on the future two centuries events of planetary destruction), I receive an urgent mail to fix something broken on a server, and then another mail for another server. Yes, Saturday night fixes, not unusual. I hurry up to finish before 10:45 when RTL will broadcast the so-called Pianeta Project, the heavyweight professional boxing event featuring Italian Francesco Pianeta (the challenger) against Wladimir Klitschko (the champion). They say that Wladimir’s fist hits faster than a Porsche. I can’t be distracted by work and watch the match at the same time – this is why I had to have the troubleshooting process behind me before Star Trek will run out to its habitual galactic happy ending…

Six rounds later, the Pianeta Project was completed and delivered by knock out. A minute later, Kai Ebel (a funny sports talking head for RTL), together with other “civilians,” enters the ring and points the exclusive yellow microphone to Wladimir.

In all his outstanding glory, Wladimir salutes the world with Христос воскрес! Translated from Ukrainian to English, he said: Christ is Risen! — the Paschal greeting on Resurrection Day, of which the 1980’s anniversary, according to the Eastern Orthodox calendar and tradition, is celebrated today.

Indeed, Воістину воскрес! – He is Risen!

Klitschko’s greeting, loudly spoken on the main TV channel owned by Europe’s leading media company, uplifted my night. You’re not given to hear such greetings on RTL, where the noise of whatever dramas or comedies or soaps had the name of Jesus buried or, at best, spoken out in exclamations, onomatopoeias and other trivia.

Klitschko is the WBA (Super), IBF, WBO, IBO and The Ring Heavyweight Champion. From the pinnacle of his relevance, triumphant, Wladimir greeted the world with the greatest reminder about the sense of human history, with the answer to our fallen condition, with the Triumph of Man over death.

Wladimir reminded us all that Christ is Risen! Indeed He is!



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