Sitting on His Face

There are times, every day, when he overwhelms me with his desire to just give. I wish to return the favor but he would resist. Then I declare a silent war of quid pro quo and I win it all the time, hands down. Like in this film. He named it “Face Rider.” It is about me sitting on his face. He made sure the camera is fixed to catch me standing up, focused on my face, recording my oh’s and aw’s, etc. He wanted this movie to go one way: he lays down, his head between my legs as I stand on my knees in front of the camera. No real genital interest in the scene, just my expressions while his tongue and mouth would work me out down there, in between.

But did I listen? Nope! I wished to play with his dick, to have it in my mouth and suck it, to taste the moist elastic skin on it. I turned the film into a sixty-nine, then into a cow-girl riding, front and back.

Eventually, I realized that I’m running out of time with getting the lunch ready so I kissed him and left his hand on the scene to finish the job. Did he protest? Not at all. He was happy to oblige, to make me happy, to serve me and accept my coming and my going too. Guess that he seeks for more Domination! 😛  One thing is for sure: I won’t put him in chains, nor in any cage. My joy is always his joy. This is why I feel a bit uncomfortable when I have to only receive and give nothing back. I get better when returning the favor.

Until next time, enjoy this quarter of an hour which begins with me riding my hubby’s lovely face. Yes!

Kisses to you,

Doris, the Rider…


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