On Mother’s Day: Hells & Heavens

I’ve heard that water is Earth’s essential resource for the aliens — according to sci-fi movies such as Oblivion, Battle of Los Angeles and many others based on the temporary science estimating that liquid water is scarce in the universe. A scientist worth his glasses would correct me, saying: “in the known universe” because there will always be a bigger unknown out there. For us to scratch at.

Then came The Darkest Hour, where aliens plunder Moscow (and other cities we’ve been told about) to scrap for nickel, copper and various minerals. And did I mention Independence Day? Or the Dune paradigm of spice and oil?

Typically, the materialist mindset is causing the story to fall short of identifying Earth’s UNIQUE resource that would get any alien salivating — if it didn’t already turn their necks in the foregone millennia. It is our women, man!

Water and nickel and minerals? Ask Hubble, watch the spectrometers, check with the observatories for exoplanets and understand that even the known universe is rich in all these chemicals and maybe others that we’ve never heard of. It makes sense if we think that our Earth is just a grain of sand on a beach washed by galactic oceans. But women, Sir? Women like we have here on Earth! Such creatures were not detected in outer space. I can’t affirm that there are no alien women. Anthropocentrically thinking makes the case for women in space if there are men in space. Not talking about the sex experiments on the ISS and the late MIR (the suburbs of the Earth) but about those guys who were landing and taking off, who appeared and disappeared, who came and went, in the Old Testament. Let not mention the One in the New. Men and angels (and daemons for that matter) share a common origin and, most likely, an analogous design. For more on this, I invite you to click the big blue Kindle button to the right and discover my insensitive contributions to Doris’ sensual — and graciously romantic — erotic ebooks.

Let’s get back to Mother’s Day. Every man, save Adam and Jesus, had at least two women in his live: his mother and the mother[s] of his children (some men didn’t father children though). Women are the mystery of this universe (known and unknown to man) that science cannot pierce and logic cannot surround. You can analyze woman nature for your entire life only to misunderstand or ignore her most astonishing, and frightening, attributes. Your mother’s love immersed you in such a comfortable zone that you’re most likely to miss it for the rest of your independent adult life. The mother[s] of your children will give your genes immediate immortality (not eternity, that’s entirely a different matter). Once you’ve pistoned her self-oiled engine good enough, her inner machine will produce tiny replicas of YOU, carrying fresh telomeres. That will reset your father’s DNA for yet another generation.

A woman can be a curse for you, taking your freedom away, pressing your manhood under her mighty thumb, enslaving you to continuously work for her ever-changing moods. Cheating on you. Killing you. And still, you may find yourself enamored with her. Like Samson was with Delilah.

A woman (clearly another one) can be a blessing for you, allowing you the liberty to do whatever your mind considers fit (including a Ménage à trois, or à trois-plus), suppressing herself to endure your boyish inclinations for sports, gambling and mistresses (or simply hookers), raising your children while you’re squandering your health (and wealth) away from the epicenter of your marriage. Staying faithful to you. Loving you. Like Tamar could have been to the wicked Onan.

A woman (yes, yet another one) can be THE blessing of your life, your best friend, the “buddy” with whom you can have all the sex you wish, the life-mate that will love you more than herself but hate the drunkard in you enough to broom him down the stairs. She can fight your other minuses with a combination of stick and carrot that will always slip beyond your understanding. Enjoying her share of sexual pleasure when providing you with physical appeasement. Upbringing your progeny to a level higher than you could achieve, or would envisage. She won’t hesitate to spend her drivel on you and expect for logical solutions (from you) that will have her haunting ghosts muted in an immutable past. You can’t resist the love of this woman. She fulfills you. She is the harbor for your ship. She is your home. For dramas and for comedies alike. For better and for worse. The Bible, and further history, are brimming with examples of this type of woman.

Any woman will give you moments of hell and then, all of a sudden, peaks of paradise. In all the abundant trivia (that women create with their minds and tongues, or just tongues) resides an existential secret of man. Compared to eternity, our entropic corner of universe looks like a sparse hell. Opposed to the endless abyss of space, to fiery Venus and to frozen Mars, Earth looks like a tad of paradise.

To sum it up: Eve was a wife and became a mother of many. Mary was engaged and became a Mother of One. Both had a close encounter of the third kind.

Asking all mothers on their Day: how do you feel knowing that you are the Earth’s most essential resource?


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