Improvising an Erotic Massage

A new member of this site showed me a massage movie (freely available on the net) asking if Don will be capable to give me a similar treat. Well, he wasn’t! But he did his best, as the film we made last week will tell. Did I like the oily erotic massage that he performed on me? Oh my! It was so good. Why not great to awesome? Because it took me half of the filming time to mentally detach from the nagging thoughts like: “how is my elevated bum doing on camera?” or “why don’t you press more here and less there?” or “be careful, I don’t want the oil to spill on my hair!”

Dear Don enjoyed himself in the role of my servant-masseur. Even if he’s not a pro in this field, more of an improviser. He had me lay on my belly. Then he commenced by carefully dropping Sweet Almond Oil — from a small bottle of brown glass — on my back, between my shoulders.  At first, the cold and sticky oil made me shiver just a bit. Slowly spread by his careful hands, the oil turned warm to permeate my pores. Like an unseen blanket, pleasure covers me from the inside while his hands work me out from the outside. I close my eyes and wish to sleep and dream something with Unicorns — that’s my fantasy equivalent of the real-world Donkey that I have been blessed with…

Feeling his hands descending on both sides of my backbone (I’ve heard that you’ll never allow an amateur to massage your backbone and he heard this too). Unfeeling the hand that left my skin to grab the brown bottle of Sweet Almond Oil. Sensing the cold liquid on my hips — soon to be warmed up by his palms, like the one over my shoulders.

The two impatient hands almost zapped down my butt cheeks in their undeniable quest of reaching deeper. The moment of my awakening! “Hey, don’t pour this oil over my sensitive pussy!”

I asked him to bring in my all time favorite: the cold pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil — the only lubricant that I allow to be inserted between my legs (besides his semen, of course).

As his fingers pressed and played around my labia, softly caressing my pussy and my butt, it dawned on me that it’s time for an orgasm. But can I remember when I had an orgasm in this position? Well, not really.

It’s not gonna happen if my clit won’t take the center stage, if the oil won’t pour from above my pleasure bud, if the pubis won’t be firmly kneaded until I’ll give up control over my intimate parts. I had to turn around, on my back, to spread my legs like I did before, when laying on my belly. Unfortunately, I had to open my eyes in the process. This made me self-conscious of the curious camera sitting on her tripod. To acknowledge my situation: a pornographic one, again! Damn.

With the humble Unicorn gone and the reckless Donkey grinning at me, mastering my body under his oily hands, I committed myself to a new incursion in the realm of THINKING. The fairy tale was ruined at that moment. Minutes later, I even started to question if it’s good or bad — this movie…

Unfazed, Don said to me that he’s taking a paper tissue to turn off the camera and continue the massage off the record, so to say. The thinking click reversed in my head, as I guessed his intention, calling me back to a much more attractive duty than arguing about ethics. Therefore I stopped him from the threatening suggestion (knowing that he wanted to make the movie as much as I did). I chose to stare at the ceiling, to close my eyes and look for that iffy Unicorn.

I don’t know what he did to my clit, labia and pubis, how much olive oil he consumed on them. I just dreamed that I rode the Unicorn, naked, hopelessly squeezing him between my legs. I wished to moan but I hold my breath. Silly me.

Don, unaware of my restrained build up, reached for the bottle of oil, leaving my pussy alone… I nose-dived. The Unicorn ran to hide behind misty fable trees. I then shouted to my most real Don-key: “I was about to come exactly at the moment when you moved to get some oil! Argh…”

In a twinge of conscience, he poured even more oil on my pussy. Too late for my angry brain.

Vexed after falling off the Unicorn, I didn’t want to relax anymore. Don figured out that if he won’t tame my “reasoning machine” NOW, then this movie will turn into a political debate. He bit the bullet, err… Well, let me stop here, before another spoiler is consumed. You shall know after watching the movie inside the members area.

He massaged me for over half an hour. Then he turned off the camera (with a paper tissue, as promised) and took me to our intimate corner where we literally stuck together… Like good ole missionaries…

He may be an amateur masseur but let me tell how much I enjoy being his loving wife and dominating mistress.


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