Posting Panties on Rainy Days

Twas late in May when Maurizio asked me to post him this pair of panties. He first became a member of my site on Southern Charms and also of and 🙂  I was about to wear the desired panties for a day and a night, and another half of the next day. Continuously! Maurizio wanted to sense the scent of my pussy. Hubby was game. Proud of me, as always. And then came the dawn — that time when we usually wake up to make love to each other. But Wednesday morning we had a little problem: my pussy scent couldn’t be altered in any way or else we’d ruin the entire purpose of mailing the panties. What to do? I was at lost. Am I barring the rightful sex for my man because of a new fan? This was the first thought that scared me. Am I still faithful to Don? I asked him.

Unfazed by my uncertainties, he answered that YES, of course that I’m faithful to him, that he’s excited to know that other guys are turned on by me. Understanding that the panties must carry with them the exclusive scent of my intimacy, he asked me to dance and strip for him while he jacked off. Oh, not before having me orally stimulate his manhood. My mouth was free to do whatever I wished with her, right?

For more details look in the members' area.

For more details see at

One of Maurizio’s fetishes is to savor the scent of my pussy. One of my man’s is to photograph me naked and post the pics on the web. Judging by the cum jets he has released that morning, relatively earlier than with other occasions, I start to wonder if the idea of panties posting won’t turn into a new fetish of his. Until then, let me show some photo samples from that rainy morning (members).

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