Shadow Stripper

I’m late and I have no excuse! Only the spontaneous confluence of the following: kids ending school, closing grades, giving piano exams (read shows); workers changing the gutters on the roof (and walking randomly through the house) — how can I take advantage of the few little hours home alone if there were three other men besides my hubby 😦  ;  new big important sites to launch at my other work (it doesn’t matter if I work nude or dressed because they can’t see me anyway, but they see my work!); and the hammer: for over two months, Don turned into my sexy fireman — from morning till night he’s gotta run and put out fires (virtual ones, mind you) planted by the Chinese on various servers. It used to be a silent war for years. Eventually it grew so intense, draining so much resources, that even the politicians (otherwise peaceniks) had to publicly admit it. The consequence in our little house, and garden, is that we’re passing less naughty hours for more stressing ones. Let not mention the May Monsoon, pushed away by June’s summery storms and moderate sunshine. Oh, and did you know that I have — for three weeks now — a new site on Southern Charms?

Will this list of events, or excuses, buy me some time, for the movie I promised to Maurizio? I can only hope… Oh my, oh my… But hope is not enough. If there’s no love, then there’s nothing left…

The other day, as a proud couple owning an old house with brand new shiny gutters, finally home alone, we have indulged in our short romantic retreat. I wished him inside me and I worked him until my first fabulous climax. He wasn’t totally hard — I know “it’s hard” 🙂 — but he was industrious enough to keep up with my primeval necessities. No tongue so far…

I then had a thought: how about we make some photos with me wearing the new pairs of panties? Ya know, I gotta replenish my drawers… ahem… The lighting was bad —  still cloudy outside and still no studio conditions inside (moans Don) but I liked many of the positions. Half will go on Southern Charms and half here — the policy on the SC site is based on exclusivity, this means that what goes there won’t go here, and the other way around. But then, who’s the one having to edit the shadows out of the photos? You guessed who! By the way, talking of shadows… There was a peaceful morning back in April when I wished to be filmed while dancing, stripping and jumping on my gym mauve ball. He added some effects to break the shadow, I must confess. Just focus on the dancing and tell me how do I look as the Stripper in the Shadow?


Just a sample picture from the coming gallery that we shot two days ago, on another rainy — yet romantic — morning. Look at my cheeks, hot after my first orgasm under the pressure of his body. Don’t imagine that we stopped there. No! I wanted to drain him… But wait, I’ll write more details on part II in the next post, with the gallery. Whenever that may be.

Wish you have a wonderful weekend!

Just a snap from the film inside the members' area.

Just a snap from the film inside the members’ area at .


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