The Garden Job, Sex in Nature

This is a premier for me, and for hubby as well: our first HD video, in our garden, naked, having sex, masturbating, sunbathing, enjoying each other’s love juices, all these in front of our new (though second-hand) HD camcorder. Wow!

The idea for “The Garden Job” was stimulated by Maurizio. Let us read his suggestions once again.

“Ciao DORIS, you are WONDERFULLLLL !!!!!!!!

Today I got your panties ….. FANTASTIC SWEET the smell of your pussy!!!
I am crazy for your perfume … and I envy Don that can enjoy daily …your hot and wet pussy …..
Why don’t you do some movie, where Don takes off your panties … sniffs them …. and masturbating? I would be very happy!!!

KISSSSSSS from Italy”

To this, I’ve asked Maurizio for more details and they came in of a timely manner.

“…… screenplay for the film: you are on the scene with panties …  ….show us your pussy ….
Then Don pulls your panties ….. sniffs them .. . …. masturbating and cumming on your pussy and in your mouth ….. and dries his cock …..with your panties …
….you like the idea? … I go crazy at the thought ….
Big kiss and hug … and lick your pussy…..ciao”

When I told Don about this screenplay, he was a bit puzzled: how can he come at the same time on my pussy and in my mouth. His ejaculation lasts a mere few seconds — too little to cover the distance. The first measure he had to take was abstinence for as long as he could, in order to store more sperm for a more affluent load. This should help with a wider distribution, so to speak. When your man is in his middle forties, you have to consider these aspects…

Resigned, he filled my mouth on Saturday morning and then put himself on hold until Tuesday before noon. Watch his performance in the movie, after three long days of waiting. All this time, I took great care of him (when kids were allowing me to), comforting him with romantic moments of cuddling.

Still, Maurizio will certainly notice, we introduced theme variations that want to enrich the screenplay, and not only. But, as Bob knows, we have a penchant for sequels. From now on, all exciting HD sequels, of course!

Cannot wait for your comments…



The 23 minutes long HD movie, along with more picture snaps, in the members' area.

The 20 minutes long HD movie, along with more picture snaps, at

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