Sweet Darling Doris

Another excerpt from Socalguy.

Sweet darling Doris.. your rear-action jpeg was wonderful. Your vagina is as
perfect as the rest of you. I could savor your labia throbbing on my tongue
all day long. It would be wonderful to have your lips resting inside my mouth
like that, like a dreamer on a bed.. masturbating on my caressing tongue
all through the day. If you keep this up, I might just have to join your SCharms
website.. how’s that going?

Sweetness.. I am happy that my suggestions have some value for you..
I find that very gratifying so thanks. […]

I am dreaming of you Doris.. more please of you in high heels, bending
over and ass teasing me until I explode.. mmm..send me over the edge..



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