The Imaginary Triad

Doris gets a fair amount of love mail, Platonic love for sure, yet naughty and prurient at the same time. It’s all about men’s nature. As her man, I’m responsible for all of this, for making her erotic web sites, for filming her with my cock in her mouth, for having her pose naked, and posting the pics on the web, for instigating the romance in her writing, and so on.

The expected effect on Doris’ psyche is a pleasant post-Godzillian sovereign maturation, as opposed to the mothering-specific prolonged moments of desperation, worries and aggravating thoughts. She can now detach from stress with the ease and thrill of calling me for a blow under our neighbor’s windows, or having me masturbate in her mouth, while she’s touching her clitoris, in a spot where the other neighbor could easily peep at us. Not to mention the first one from his flank position on the balcony. In short, Doris opens her mind to serenity, together with her legs to obscenity. But what about me? How do I stand this kind of fan post to my wife?

So Don is going to post my erotic writings about you? That’s almost like the three of us being in a room with me aroused by you and stroking my shaft while he watches. Heheh.. Would my fantasizing about being aroused by you get Don hot? As a word-smith, would he jerk off reading about how I teased myself watching you?

Love to every inch of your naked, squirming body.. I live just to imagine the sound of
your gasp in my mind..  Socalguy.


Socalguy, like many others who like to read before watching the pics and movies, knows that I… (Read the continuation in the members area… and watch the hot steamy pictures of Doris that initiated this dialog)


Become a member to get the full picture…

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