Blurred Banner for My Newsletter

Last summer, when I told Don to stop wasting his time with porn and allow me to herd his visual hormones in a more organized way, I also asked him if we’d need a newsletter for our little erotic web business. “Nah…” — said he, you can imagine — “because look, there’s the RSS, really simple syndication of news, which distributes our posts from the websites, almost instantly, to the subscribers of the feeds. Then there are other aggregators… et cetera… blah blah blah.” But I wasn’t convinced. Usually I like to hear what others have to say, like — for instance — the marketing heads, those trolls so dreaded by geeks. “For good reasons,” says Don again. Doesn’t matter, I wish to hear their opinion too. And no one of the marketing heads ever denied the necessity of having a newsletter. Yes, that old, late century, dusted Yahoo! thing that sends emails to a bunch of subscribers. Good ole traditional email for the people. The feeds and RSS and XML are all the rage, just like geeks are living in the future. But we, the normal people, we live in the present, where the email is “still” king.

Without difficulty, I have my methods, Don was finally convinced to “find some time” and build me a newsletter, with Google Groups, the “geeky way.” So be it! I had him do some banners to promote my baby-newsletter. I don’t know if on purpose or just accidentally, he found a blurred photo of me and used it for the banners. What do you think? Oh, and please click on it, subscribe to my good ole e-mail listing for all of us, normal people out there. I won’t abuse it. Promise! 🙂

Click here to subscribe to Doris Dawn Fan Club - an e-mail list and forum.

Click here to subscribe to Doris Dawn Fan Club – an e-mail list and forum.


Don whispers at me to write about the inside banner – the one he uploaded in the members area. Well, it’s the same banner image like the one above, only thing is that the text “Join now, it’s wide open” has slipped well downwards. Why this? What’s the difference? I don’t get it…


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