Five O’Clock Mail

In the morning, last Sunday. Before moving out of bed to water the garden, to enjoy the dew on my bare soles, to feel the summer, opening up my laptop, I find Grizzly passionately populating my inbox with kind compliments.  Ensues a short dialog and a little pose request from Grizzly.

I look at my Teddy Bear sleeping near me, as he had to work late in the night (yes, editing our erotic movies — now, that kids are home, he’s gotta take advantage of the nightly privacy). Bit puzzled, I hesitate to wake him up, for an instant, hasty, unprepared photo shooting. But if I don’t do the photo request now, then who knows when… Taken by the whirl of things, I’ll most likely lose track of it. Procrastination has her good parts but many are bad. Deciding against Don’s sleep, I rub my chin on his shoulder, nicely caressing his belly with my hand, going down, slowly. Not sure if I provoked the morning wood, or if it was already there… Opening his eyes to meet mine, he wants sex. Well, well. Let’s take it methodically: 1. photo shooting — five minutes, or less; 2. morning sex — half an hour, or more; 3. when shall I be free to water my garden then? After six? Why not?

The photos are few but heartily dedicated to Grizzly. The ensuing love-making is private, although you may watch similar sessions of it, in various movies posted on this site. Besides the photos, I wish to share with you what Grizzly wrote back to me, after receiving the photos that very morning. He gave me permission.

Hello again sweet beautiful sexy Dawn!
Your emails keep getting  better and better Dawn!  You are an amazing woman! And thank you so much for those photos!  You may like knowing that they made me so hard when I saw them Dawn, and that they made me cum right away to them! Especially the one where you are laying on your stomach. Mmmmm, wow!  You know I would love to have you in that position! And to feel your softness of your sexy butt against my body as my hard cock pulsates deep inside of your pussy, ready to explode all its hot cum deep inside of you! *:) happy
I love your fantasy of a full body massage Dawn.  I would love to give you one! *:) happy  To touch, and feel every inch of your elegant and beautiful body Dawn, mmmm that would make me so hard as I caress every inch of your sexy body!  To be your neighbor and hear you scream out in orgasm, mmmm it would be hard not to want to join in! *:) happy  Do you have a lot of sex outside? It would be awesome to be your neighbor and cum over as you are having orgasms, and watching it.


Watch the 6 pics, in High Resolution, in the members' area.

Watch the 6 pics, in High Resolution, in the members’ area at

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