Gymnastics for Voyeurs

It’s a fact of midlife: you gotta stay fit. There’s no room for procrastination. You either do your exercises, eat your broccoli, smile inwardly to your soul, and seek for an orgasm or two, or the consequences of aging would just pile up to hit when you’d less expect.

This little film was, as it turns out more and more frequently, my idea. I wish to perform in all natural nude movies while doing various things, healthy and funny things, other than fellatio and copulation. My life is more than sex, much more.

I chose to be outdoor when performing my gymnastics in the nude, right on my preferred spot in our backyard. That green square of lawn under our neighbor’s windows. I don’t know how often does he takes the chance behind the curtains but what I know is the thrill of exposing myself naked.

Enjoy the film in the members’ area.

Love and kisses,


PS – A minute and a couple of snapshots from the movie inside.


How do you like my garden gnome?


Anyone watching at the window?

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