Foot Fetish Video: Tickle Toe

Last week, just a day before Doris managed to have all our four kids busy out of town (she had planned something for me), comes Drew in an email to her with a video request. He wrote that “I have a tickling fantasy about you. It involves your husband and a Chinese foot doctor.” Hm, all good, but where on earth should we find a Chinese doctor, bring it home, have him tickle at Doris, etc. Let not mention that I’d have had to masturbate at the tickling scene, near Doris, in the presence of the Chinese doc, conspicuously called Dr. Wong. Well, what if the doc freaks out at my jerking near him? Serious matter, darling.

While I was joking and [re]inventing various scenarios, Doris told me sternly that she will do the scene if I let her tickle herself, no third person accepted, she insisted. Honestly, dear, I can have sex with myself, with my hand actually, and even reach an orgasm, but how can you tickle yourself and be surprised enough at it, this I don’t know, it goes beyond me. She stopped to think out of her ardor to bar the coming of that imaginary doc — really, as even she put it earlier: there’s no Dr. Wong in our reality, why fear his arrival then?



Snaps from this foot fetish video here, the rest of it inside.

Snaps from this foot fetish video here, the rest of it inside.

I proposed her to give the part of Dr. Wong to me. I’ll play two characters: Dr. Wong and myself. Sorta Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde – suits me? She was game and below goes the movie (on

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