Planning My Frugal Friday

Have I told you that summer holidays — especially the month of July — make my mind thinking at agile ways to subtly send the kids to their business, to lock the gate, get naked with Don and make love like there’s no tomorrow? I bet you have been reading this line on my blogs again and again, at least when July hits with the scorching spell and I wish no panties on my pussy and no dress or shirt or skirt on my body. Besides, my pubic hair grew long and hefty since the last trimming. Don, my lovely pussylicker, never minds, but I do when he comes back to kiss me. So this Frugal Friday was dedicated to making a little home movie in the bathroom: produced by me, directed by me, filmed by me, played by me, enjoyed by me — when not fearing that Don’s razor gets too close to my clit, or labia. About this film, I’ll tell you more another time.

It happened that last Thursday I got mail from Drew with a video request comprising foot fetish and a Chinese foot doctor. OMG! A third person involved in my intimacy? That scared me, really. I didn’t let it transpire through our ensuing mail dialog — didn’t want to alter my fan’s fantasies because we are all entitled to the craziest fantasies, especially men, that is πŸ™‚

Invoking the real shortcoming that we can’t find a Chinese doctor around, true, and that Don (yes, put the blame on him!) may or may not draw a cartoon-Chinese-character to mix in our movie, I proposed to tickle myself and see what gives. Drew agreed, saying that he expects no Hollywood from us — true again, we don’t like the twisting tides of the big studios even if we won’t shy away from watching them (only to make the case for our critique, ahem).

Long story short, I tell Don about it. He laughs at me, as usual, wondering how could I self-titillate, would I be surprised by my own hand? He didn’t think so. Finally, he obliged to play the cameraman, the director (not without my often interventions), the character of Dr. Wong and, surely, himself. During the movie, I felt so much fondling and such a lovely foot tickling and massaging, and his tongue between my toes… It was fabulous! πŸ˜€ You’ll see what I mean in the little twenty minutes long movie below.

On we go with my Frugal Friday! After the foot fetish phase, I invite Don to make love to me like a missionary man, then to switch to sixty-nine like he knows best, then to masturbate over me. It was good and long, another movie, for another blog… See? Already three movies in a morning! Scared not to run short of time, before the kids will return in town, I put Don’s orgasmic cumming on halt and take him outside, to the garden, for a photo shooting session. About two hundred pictures later (most of them to be seen on my Southern Charms site) we return indoor to chill a bit (me, the stripper) and to sweat some more (he, the wanker).

In the middle of my personal erotic show (no more cameras involved: they were both connected to computers and downloading the material like crazy), about when I know that my words and my moves put him on the brink of cumming, at that precise and hard to define moment, the bell rings! At the gate, yes! Horror! Cameras not yet emptied of the porn stuff, computers still logged in on secret users, Don with his dick at hand, me dancing naked. What if our four kids came back earlier? What if? This thought iced my spine, heart and head at once. Dressing hastily, I run to the gate, letting Don clear the evidence in the living room. Ah, it’s the car mechanic, what a relief! I welcome him in. After he talks with Don about whatever they had to, he goes his way and my man turns the key in the gate, securing us again from the outer world. I ask: “Did you shake hands?” He says: “Sure. Why?” I mute myself, smile, undress him, get out of my frugal shirt and shorts, these…

…and continue my striptease. Minutes later, Don sprays himself, the bed and the floor, I guess. We’re done — finally! We? Maybe just me, because Don struggles with arranging the videos and the photos. Well, don’t you think that I can take a break, not at all! I move on to the kitchen where I bake two tasteful cakes and a festive lunch for the kids.

It was a special day in the family. A day that started frugal for the two of us and ended with the six of us watching “Hot Shots” in the evening — a fine parody, well… Hollywood again, yes…

To sum it up: three Frugal Friday photo sets to go on Southern Charms; my pubic hair trimming film to go either on Southern Charms or here, have to decide yet; the foot fetish film attached to my post in the members’ area; the make love like a missionary sequel film to go here or there, can’t decide now. Gotta get the dinner ready.

Love to y’all,


Watch the widescreen HD video at πŸ™‚


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