“You Lay Writhing”

Hey, my lovely Doris got yet another mail from our voyeur friend:

YOU LAY WRITHING.. sun-dappled as the branches overhead sway in the hot midday
breeze. An overripe peach falls and rolls off your sleek torso.. and another as the
black birds, big bastards, caw raucasly. And the air gets colder for a moment
goosepimpling your skin with a perfect pattern of raised bumps.. a second skin..
of miniature sun-sculptures.. but then you are sweating, like a hot animal,
your mouth open.. gasping.. as your wriggled torso runs with rivulets slicking
you..making you sleek as your wild glazed eyeballs roll up and your breath gasps
out in deep rasping bursts.

I watch silently from the shadows of the bushes.. as his huge cock PENETRATES
you.. both slow and HARD.. as your gasping heated animal cries rise up to the
trees and your eyes roll ecstatically.. sweating and also goosepimpled as

I can smell you.. your HOT-SMELL permeates the afternoon causing the big birds
to scream.. agitated as that penis thrusts in and out of your wet channel.

I silently leave my secret watching place and.. I approach where you lay with
him.. my cockhead straining to push through the constrainments of my
pants. Then.. suddenly.. I am standing over you as you look up at me and
my shadow falls across you. Your eyes are so very wide and your deep, low
moans are like the groans of a pierced lioness.. arousing me so fucking much..
Ohhh God.. I could shoot my semen through my crotch.. hard hot jets.. as
I watch you.. commune with you.. worship every slick wet inch of you.

I get down on my knees and adore you reverently.. my face so close to yours..
..I need to lick your mouth.. to taste your lips.. your eyes and your lust
the writhing of your animal body on the raised dais of your chaise lounge..
these are my religion. Yes.. I confess it.. I am just a dirty little voyeur..
always picturing you naked in my dirty mind.. seeing you GET FUCKED..
TAKING THAT BIG THING INSIDE YOU… there is an understanding between
us.. a perceptive connection happening..

Your feet were flailing out to the sides of your body.. one of them accidentally
brushing the package in my crotch.. my dancing, throbbing, ready to JERK OFF
bulge of shaft and balls. Was that the trace of a grin on your mouth as your
foot pressed against me.. rode my erection up and down..?

You worshippers of Doris reading this.. the confessions of a dirty little
voyeur.. all of you out there.. are you jerking off as you read this?
Well go-ahead.. yes.. TOUCH YOURSELVES.. reach into your pants and pull
out your hot animalistic meat.. your SLABS OF “MAN-MEAT”.. and slowly and
deliciously stroke them as if they were big dogs laying on their sides..
stroke them.. pet them until they are purring.. MAKE YOUR COCKS EXPLODE!

Until next time.. when I will make you jerk-off again.
Bye for now- “THE VOYEUR”

Snapshot from a romantic erotic little movie: "Sweet Sunny Pussy" - available on DorisDawn.com

Snapshot from a romantic erotic little movie: “Sweet Sunny Pussy” – available on DorisDawn.com


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