Twenty by Forty

The weather man said that the lowest temperature before dawn will be 20 Celsius, it already was, possibly slightly more, and that the maximum temp today will hit 40 Celsius (that makes 104 Fahrenheit according to the Google converter). It was one of those not so numerous nights a year when I can indulge sleeping panties-less, well, naked, and feel no cold air trying to make way into my pussy. Nevertheless, I needed my man to make his way early in the morning. This because of a host of haunting reasons.

First is the constant tension raised by my teenage twins, fighting all the time, out of nothing, just for the sake of proving who is right, who said it first, and why, who wants to go somewhere when the other one would do the opposite… and so on… you get the picture.

Second is the escalation of the aforementioned tiny teeny issues when the two Big Sisters take their blue helmets, intervening as peacekeepers. The uproar eventually brings the Universal Cop Mom upstairs, only to find herself like those who tried to barter democracy for corporate planning. It didn’t work on the grand scale and it doesn’t on the petite one either…

I suspect the heat of July as a hidden catalyst — not that these fighting fields would freeze in January. Good that I know the cure: keeping them apart and dedicating value friendly time for discussing all the “so very important matters” separately. Yes, it takes hours. But it’s part o my Godzilla role. More so, from the experience with my other kids, these years are pivotal for the healthy development of their psyche, for the foundation of a sound perspective over their future adult life. Just that it is consuming for the mother, but what good investment isn’t?

By the evening I find myself exhausted. By 5 am I find myself massaged and caressed and loved. Then, just before 6 am, I find myself in a hurry, because my second kid is about to come to the kitchen (she got a summer job to pay for the anatomy atlases — yes, they admitted her at the faculty of medicine). At 6:30 am I undress myself, after turning back the keys in the gate and the downstairs door, to continue my interrupted striptease, to speed up my man’s refreshing manual operations. By 7 am, or shortly after, we unlock everything and depart together to water our green garden — there is my little temporary paradise.

By forty (degrees Celsius) I hide back in house, not even cooking (what a madness to start the oven on this heat), hoping that Don’s latest fix to the air conditioning will work, unlike yesterday…

This is one of my twenty by forty days, now you know!

Watch her on Southern Charms: look for Doris Dawn.

Watch her on Southern Charms: look for Doris Dawn.

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