I Was Sleepy, Naturally

Twas one of those nights of July. Stifling heat surrounded us, like it still does, and our air conditioner is still the way it was then: went bonkers 😦 You may see how I use to sleep, but this is not the point of this little photo album.

It is the kind wish of a new fan from Southern Charms. He asked me, during the evening, if I ‘ll send him pictures with close-ups of my kitty. Given the buzzing domestic atmosphere of July, with all our four kids upstairs (the grand ones bracketed by their notebook habits, and complementary work, the smaller ones contemplating their evening movies) I had no chance to perform right away. Although, I must confess, how much I wished to get out of those panties 🙂

The deal was very simple: the alarm beeper had to wake us around one o’clock in the night, when silence rules upstairs; my photographer had to raise the flash of his camera, etc. You get the idea. It turned out, as I saw with half eyes opened, as I heard in a half voice indifferent, expressing my consent, that hubby got excited after the first round of pictures and so he jerked off on my pussy. Then he grabbed the camera and shot more sperm sprayed photos of my all natural kitty. Only to get him even more excited and have him return to lick the cum around my clit… Which eventually woke me up right into the middle of a smashing orgasm  😀  .  Still, before he photographed the third round, I went back to my wet dreams… In all silence — this if I won’t count the stubborn crickets…

You know what’s the most exciting part of this? It’s when your hubby acts like your true friend, understanding that you (me!) just wish to sleep naked, to rest and relax, that you (me!) don’t need all that copulating sweat and labor and he thusly finds uncomplicated ways to please himself (and myself), it’s what I call the asynchronous sex act, without disrupting my beauty sleep.

See the juicy pics in the members' area.

See the juicy pics in the members’ area.

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