Smack the Butterfly

Monday was such a busy day for me and Don. As we finally managed to make time only for the two of us (thanks to the summer camps for twins, to the summer job for the middle kid and to the summer scholarships for their big sister) we rushed our red car over the Autobahn, avidly driving to the first nudist beach that Don dug out of his Google thing.

Deceptive are the satellite images, and out of time. Our first secluded beach location was swamped. I hate swamps but I don’t feel comfortable knowing that we came there for nothing. Told him to drive a little further on the dam until we found a dry path into the forest. Out of my dress, naked in the wild, I posed. Then he drove me to another nudie beach, less swamped, near a railway bridge, where I could wave the passengers of a speeding train. Those who watched had a view to remember. Then I noticed a marvelous meadow not far from our casual parking spot. Off went my dress again! I adore walking and laying naked near the haystack. I picked up some fresh herbs and he drove me back home, not after stopping to buy three watermelons — this is our typical lunch in August.

In the coolness of our shadowed living, I felt still hot and wet. Wanted to play the French Maid role and show my new little presents. Dancing in front of two cameras, liking the nice music, I studied a bit the ambient and said to myself that our living looks like a porn studio and that I don’t mind (any longer) being called a “porn star.” Heck, I actually enjoy it. For all the aforementioned softies, I invite you to watch and devour at my Southern Charms Doris Dawn site. But this busy erotic Monday had yet to run and celebrate the joy of giving all my time to naughtiness. No kids and no kitchen!

I wished to make a hard-core movie and called my cameraman to serve me. Obeying my desires, he did well, just that the very cute butterfly motif (adorning my new open pussy string) somehow intimidated his dick. In spite of the orals, the sixty-nine’s, the copulation, he remained shy. Thus I asked him to shut the camera down and come back to mommy. My hands and lips cleared his stage fright in no time.

I wonder, am I emasculating him when I decide all the porn scenes?

Watch the romantic hard core video in the members' area.

Watch the romantic hard core video in the members’ area at .

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