An Erotic Elaborate August

Yes, this is the last day of August, and what an August we had!

On the 2nd of it, we chased the sunrise in the rear-view mirror so we could drop our 1st one in time at the railway station. She left for a marvelous month in Upper Bavaria, at a summer scholarship, and we made a detour for a day at Lake Balaton. It’s where the sunscreen missed to finger my entire backside — remember the funny rosy stripes on it? There was no spanking, just that sunny day at the lake.

I left the kids on their own and took Don along the beach with me, in search of a hide for some nude shots. No luck, too cluttered. We noticed the disappointment on few other couples where the male was carrying a camera bag on his shoulder. But we managed to shoot these postcard type scenes.

1024x768-lake-balaton-doris-dawn-sunbathing-1 1024x768-lake-balaton-doris-dawn-sunbathing-2 1024x768-lake-balaton-doris-dawn-sunbathing-3

On the 5th of it, finally left home alone after a kids-busy July, we took the Autobahn to escape ourselves on a couple of nudist beaches — this time along the nearby rivers.


I patiently shot this dragonfly. Don wouldn’t be interested, too much…


Oh, how I love to lay on a green meadow…

Which I actually did. Here’s the proof: Doris Roaming the Meadows.


He caught me in this, how should I call it?, moving position?

I snatched the little time at hand to strip a bit in the woods.

In the early afternoon, I played the French maid, pretending to dust the living room only to make a fabulous discovery, see below…

doris-at-work-800x1280-wallpaper-erotic-housemaid-2 doris-at-work-1280x960-wallpaper-erotic-housemaid-1 doris-at-work-1280x960-wallpaper-erotic-housemaid-3 480x640-we-vibe-doris-dawn-nude-lingerie-ruby-vibrator

On the 6th of it, we had our Silver Wedding and you’ve already watched the essentials that took place before the festive dinner. 🙂  Don’t forget to watch my first ever use of an erotic toy! Yes, one should practice this in a secluded corner of midnight, seizing all intimacy one can get. I did it at noon, near a sunny window, you can see my bridal gown in a corner on the table, and — most important — in front of two filming cameras…

1024x768-silver-wedding-doris-dawn-posing-nude-white-lingerie-3 480x640-open-string-doris-dawn-posing-nude-lingerie-butterfly

On the 7th of it, we went out chasing for more public nudity photos but the heated social cluttering on the beaches, even at the earliest hours in the morning, had me decide to pose and film in our safe backyard.


Do you like my Polka dot swimsuit?

I really liked posing and filming, or being filmed, in this Polka dot retro bikini. Couple of very explicit wallpapers of this sitting are in the members area and 76 of the hot lot are accessible on my Southern Charms site. The movie is, still, in the making… says Don.

On the 9th of it, I played the doctor and Don the patient who can’t get an ejaculation — the graphic material of this is still in the works, let not mention the rich psychological and philosophical (says he) conclusions on men’s midlife sexuality.


On the 10th of it, we ceased being home alone. Our honey-week was somehow done. During the past years, the month of August used to bear less of the web development buzz. Not this year! Don found himself engulfed in much work and I jumped to the rescue — not always knowing precisely what I was doing.

On the 14th of it, I seized a couple of home alone hours to cap the doctor fetish video. My poor Don, I’m really curious to read his blogs on this matter, when he gets some free time. Heck, he must even process the movies any time soon…

On the 18th of it, I took my driver and my kids (those at hand at least) to visit my mom. The summer heat faded graciously after we returned home. And the preparations for the new school year gradually filled my time, not so graciously though.

On the 23rd of it, a well supervised horde of men invaded our privacy with their noisy pickhammers, jackhammers, rotary tools and what not. They made a lot of dust during their organized havoc. One week later we remained happy that they left, happier about what they left behind, and grateful about this development.

On the 29th of it, we had to leave the twins home alone (a first timer, I guess) and take the Autobahn to the same railway station where we left our first kid on the 2nd of it. On the way out, I had my hands on the camera and took some selfies. See them in this little album inserted below.

[lg_folder folder=”2013-08-29-Doris_Selfies_on_the_Autobahn/” paging=”true”]

Do you wish I would have been more daring? So did I. “One step at a time” — driver Don said to me, visibly content to see me undressing in the car. I also wished to find at least one empty, or close to, parking lot. Because I had in mind to walk my mature naked body around the car. But the abundant social clutter postponed this so exciting story, yet again!

On the 31st of it, I’m (almost) done with cleaning the house and packing the grand sisters for their new campus year. Don handled me a few pictures from this elaborate August and I deemed necessary to write you this little blog. So now you know!

Love and hugs and kisses,
PS – And a Happy Labor Day if you find yourself on the opposite side of the Atlantic Pond.
Films, hard core films, I mean, will be uploaded here and there as September comes in surreptitiously over us… Shhh…

3 thoughts on “An Erotic Elaborate August

  1. Hi,Doris,it looks like I did not see you at Lake Balaton.All the people had bare skin colored suit.I would’nt have call you Doris, but ” brown skin girl”.Yes,nude was the only suit you could wear.I was on the west side of the lake,at a large country tourist place.Well Doris you look great in your maid suit,but,but you would look better “AU NATUREL”.Keep up with your figure.


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