Natural Woman, Package Yourself in a Fetishistic Way

More mail from The Voyeur.

I love your images! Thank you for these latest.

I saw your pantyhose jpgs on your Southern Charms page
and seeing you like that in hose and heels drove
me crazy! Because I know you are a more natural
woman, when you package yourself in a fetishistic
way.. it is an erotic thrill. Do you have any idea what
seeing you that way does to a man? More of that please.
I do so love looking at you!

I think you should pose wearing a dress you would wear to
a wedding.. with your hair up and a velvet choker or pearl
necklace. Also wearing retro FF-seamed stockings and of course,
high heels. And then proceed, of course, to being a sophisticated
wanton.. letting your hair down, kneeling over the padded arm
of a sofa, then getting on your hands and knees like a hungry
animal.. mmm.. my favorite aunt. I would love to see you in
fully dressed formal attire with semen dripping down your
face and on your wet parted lips.

Doris, have you ever tried an open-bottom girdle or a crotchless
girdle? Yumm-yumm!

I carry you around always in my mind and my loins.
From The Voyeur



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