Back to September

What a nice morning like this can do to my empty nest syndrome? Hubby told me, again, the same true story: “Disconnect from your Godzilla emotions. Our kids are where they should be: learning to make a better future for them and their peers. Nothing is empty unless you wish to see it unfilled. Melancholia is just a side effect of menopause.A side effect?, says he, or an essential one?, ask I. Never mind, I know the drill. Right after waiving behind the twins’ bikes and turning the key in the gate, I scrupulously prepare myself, trim my pubic hair a bit, paint my nails, add a touch of lipstick, get into my sandals (high heels, yes), and my necklace, pick a couple of pairs of sexy strings, and start dancing in front of his camera. Ensues an explicit and very erotic photo shooting. The other true story: of the erotic value time you can spend together during your midlife mornings (from September till June, no weekends included). I try that ruby-red sex toy to see how it feels inside me (but mostly to spice up the photo shooting). Hm, not much compared with classic competition: his tongue and dick. For a while, they take me off (he knows how to spice me up). Still, I must return to my laborious September: there is so much to start and to finish. So much…

Dancing and posing, laying and playing, enjoying and orgasming. After the photo sitting (and standing, laying, opening, etc.), I get licked to my first mild orgasm, then I demand for a nice and fulfilling fucking (no orgasm, just cuddling by the inside), he asks to come in my mouth and eventually I give him that French kiss to share my mouthful with him. This makes him give me more cunilingus, spreading his semen over my labia, pushing it down with his tongue, catching it not to drip out as my pulsating juices drove me away with my second, this time roaring, orgasm. A wonderful porn little story, isn’t it? Yet still somehow hasty. Not so wonderful then? Well, good enough, must admit. I then go shopping to get the lunch ready, because today they’ll return at noon, it’s just a short day, the 1st day of school. As about their two grand sisters… They are now on their own, out in the nearby city, thirty kilometers away… Can you imagine? Do you know what a mother feels when her babies fly out of the nest?… Oh no, Godzilla is back!


Tomorrow on Southern Charms – look for Doris Dawn.


The world looks smaller…

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