“I, SOJOURNER” a poem for Doris

I, SOJOURNER.. dusty from the long road,
wounded by the brambles in the woods, by
sheer instinct.. the dream of you drove me on
vision in my mind..my heart.. of your silhouette
at your open door, the lamplight behind you
so warm from your room as the moon’s cool light
plays along the front of you, limning your
curved torso, your taut loins and flexed calves
as you stand upon your toes.. mouth open
lips moist.. waiting.

I finally stand before you, enslaved by the heaving
of your breasts against the translucent fabric of your
lingerie.. and those huge aureolas of yours glowing
in a cold lunar-fire.. I can almost see your labia
pressing through your nightgown.. those firm
perfect lips brushing the inside of your garment..
calling to me like Circe’s sirens, drawing this weary
fool of a Ulysses with your animal smell, that
steaming cunt-scent.. Ohhh.. I want you. Aroused
sojourner, I let my trousers fall about my ankles..
The risen moon caresses my erect shaft. We stand
facing each other across a distance.. so short
yet lands apart.. we abide until the sun rises..
you with your tongue wetting your lips and me
with my hot, throbbing beast of manmeat.. please
ohhplease.. just simply release me.. by your
gentle tentative touch, one soft caressing stroke..
my Doris.. take me into your hand.. I know you
want to.. yes you do..

You get down on the ground before your open doorway
and you writhe for me.. a hungry female animal
on your back, burning in the sun.. you are naked..
your smoothly shaven cunt is open for my pleasure
your perfect pink lips opening for me.. the beckoning
petals of a fragrant flower.. in this morning..
harbinger of this beautiful day.. I sojourner..
I must be released now.. taking the girth of my
throbbing love in both hands as you smile up
at me.. so joyful.. so generous.

This traveler has come home.

Written by The Voyeur


Poetry comes to you in various expressions.

Poetry comes to you in various expressions of love – which love works in so many ways.

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