Romantic Doris Strips Out of Red

On that memorable morning of June the 19th, we had the day opening with this little striptease video. Sure, same old strip in the same older garden. But to me Doris is never the same, and never old.

When I look at her, when I touch her, when I caress and cuddle her, when I fuck and lick her, I discover something newer and cuter than what I saw yesterday. She’s always the most pleasant surprise to me. Her charms are like an engine of inspiration for me. Her musings play the wiggling compass in my mind. Always pointing North.

This, my dear friends, is the love of my life, the divine present that I also enjoy filming and showing on the web.

The rest of that memorable day? Dunno if I rambled before, or if Doris did in her blogs and tweets. In short: right after this Stripping Out of Red 10 minutes something clip ensued an awesome photo shooting in the garden, hundreds of wonderful pics (most of them on her exclusive Southern Charms site) and tens of other pics that made it into logos or wallpapers on this and other sites or blogs ;  then I left the HD camera going and laid myself on the inflatable mattress where Doris gave me a fascinating erotic massage; then she heard numerous voices coming from the other side of the fence (not just the casual neighbor’s moves) and she decided to slip our porn production platform indoor; good for us because I could fix the two cameras in two different positions, making a ninety degrees angle; then we filmed the hard-core hour, from this ensued the videos “Orgasmik Doris, Phase 1: Penetration” and “More Romantik Porn, Phase 2.69: Oral Pleasures,” in four parts, available from Southern Charms; then she took a shower, baked some biscuits, did some shopping and went to wave the twins as they were swapping summer camps (what a streamlined process). Me? I stayed in my den, processing photos and videos, all naked, the work was so exciting that I jacked off one more time, off the record, of course.

Twas a really hot summer day. Enjoy the striptease! (watch the film in the members’ area) 


Romantic_Doris_Strips_Out_of_Red1 Romantic_Doris_Strips_Out_of_Red2 Romantic_Doris_Strips_Out_of_Red3 Romantic_Doris_Strips_Out_of_Red5

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