Doris Dances at Midnight

June 21st, a hot Friday separated only by a traveling Thursday from the whimsical Wednesday when we abused two cameras with our shameless love-making, after a backyard massaging and after my morning outdoor strip teasing. With the risk of sounding redundant, I must admit that there are days and days. Chore days so many. Travel days fewer. Exhibitionist days from time to time. And outright romantic porn days to remember. But how about nights?

I have to sleep at night. Need my seven to eight hours sleep as much as all the healthy food and supplements and workouts. Sleeping is instrumental for body repair and therefore your beauty sleep must be observed like a ritual, almost. Especially during the school years when I had to wake up before 5 am. However, June 22nd was a Saturday and not a school day. With summer holiday upon us, we had our grand daughters at home with us while their twins were already enjoying their first boot camp. I could indulge a midnight dance in the backyard in exchange for a longer sleep next morning.

All these considered, I check upstairs to make sure the kids are getting their shut-eye (which they did) then I call Don to follow my butt with his newly acquired night vision camera. My eyes look bizarre and the video quality seems amateurish. Let’s agree that I play the paleface in a midnight moon summer clip. Oh, and I managed to get myself naked, eventually.

Enjoy watching the full video with me dancing naked at night in the members’ area.

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