Short Strip in the Garden

Twas a rehearsal, an experiment, if you wish. Not sure if I wanted it published. However, hubby posted “the trailer” on Youtube. So here we go with the three times longer clip — longer than the trailer… (in the members’ area).

That was my nightly note — yes, hubby pushes more and more piles of content management work on me and my beauty sleep has to suffer. Now I have to add my afternoon note. Early in the morning, ahead of the waker’s bell, I felt his wood poking the cleavage between my butt cheeks. Hum, so what if I was sleeping with my backside at him?

Bit tired and largely confused, I turn around, expecting to get my three red enzyme-soup morning pills. Analyzing his whispers to my ear proved to be a slower process than his hands parting my legs for his middle-leg to introduce himself. Oh, that was so good. Although a minute dry, or less. He made love to me without the slightest sign of softening. The clock rang and I gotta pee. When back in bed, he told me that he didn’t hear my orgasm in the classic position and went down on me. Until he heard me moaning. “Why don’t you scream, bunny?” He asked stupidly. “Mom sleeps upstairs and the twins must descend in less than half an hour for breakfast, remember?”

Oh well, he might remember but he seldom cares, I suppose.

Enjoy this Youtube minute snapped out of late April. Go inside for the explicit continuation of it.

Kisses from naughty Doris

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