My Vaginal Orgasm, Today!

It’s been a long time since I haven’t got an orgasm in my vagina. Long since his tongue spent a proper amount of time titillating my nipples while his untired dick pounded my pussy. Aw… aww… awe… AWESOME!!!

When I came it was beyond words, and screams, and roars… I lost myself altogether…

After unleashing all of my hormones, and some more that I never knew of, even the blowjob seemed timely. The anticipation of his sperm spurting in my mouth was enthusiastic and short. Fine that no drop stuckย to my hair – I hate that!

With the snowball on his tongue, he delivered the sticky sperm over my clitoris, pouring down along my labia, giving me that second orgasm which — today — was different. Why different? Because I can compare it to that of Monday morning, of Saturday, Friday, last Wednesday, and actually to my regular orgasms. I’m a clitoral woman, if you wish.

But today I turned vaginal with this rare superlative kind of orgasm. Vaginal or nipple-vaginal? — asks my reasoning.

My legs ache as if I had run several stadiums. Overall, kitchen calls, sadly. And I gotta call him to move my dryer from the laundry to the stairway hall — this is helping with warming the house during winter. He’s so good at many things, but today I declare him my sex-god!

Love and kisses,
Orgasmink, yet tired, Doris

Watch the entire photo album in the Members' area.

Watch the entire photo album in the Members’ area.

11 thoughts on “My Vaginal Orgasm, Today!

    1. Hi Nicola,
      I’ve seen your Amazon Author page. Highly recommended. ๐Ÿ™‚
      Thank you for commenting.
      Hugs and kisses,


    2. Hey Nicola, I’ve just finished the reading of your ebook. It’s lovely! ๐Ÿ™‚
      PS – will write some shortly.


  1. My mistress swallows, I usually tongue kiss her as soon as she stops sucking. I have tasted my cum in her mouth. It’s extremely intense, causes me to continue throbbing. So fucking good!


    1. Hey Robert,
      This is so passionately romantic. I loved reading your comment. Over years, hubby taught me one of the ways “la boule de neige” goes. I’ll tell you about this one that has me particularly excited: as he ejaculates in my mouth, I don’t rush to swallow it right away, waiting for him to kiss me, then I share the semen with him (sometimes I let him take more, other times less, and other times nothing, depends); then he goes down on me to slap and suck my clit, mixing my juices with his cum until I begin to tremble in orgasm. I climax faster when his chin is pressing against my pubis, sort of 69.
      Please write back if you tried this.
      Hugs and kisses,
      PS – And thanks for writing!


  2. We are both very oral, I eat her before and after we fuck. My cum drips down her crack and I have to lick it up and smear it on her clit with my tongue.. I am 66 going on sexual 40, with Viagra my cock stays up even after I am drained. The woman I have lived with for 24 years got sick 10 years ago and my sex was cut off, I met my mistress by chance she is a 55 y/o widow. she knows all about my home life as a caretaker she knows I cannot abandon my obligations to my mate but as a mammal I need to get laid so that’s what found and it is wonderful. Before I met my mistress I was masturbating to get my release. She has changed all of that, so I do my best to make sure she is breathless from orgasims..


    1. You’re a good, sensitive and caring man, Robert! Great to hear that you’re taking care of your ladies’ needs and desires. They are lucky to have you around. ๐Ÿ™‚
      Keep up the good work and enjoy every bit of it!


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