The Erotic Adventure of A Prodigal Amish Girl

We are accustomed to read, or hear, about the romantic archetype of Cinderella. This is just because when the gal is transported to a higher status then the story gets more media coverage and attention. This should be, therefore, a matter of perception. Time before, there had to be a Prince riding a white horse to make the story classy. The modern prince has turned, during the ’80s, in a jet plane Pilot riding a motorcycle. Shall we call it a cliché? After all, we are surrounded by platitudes. Even Cinderella can be regarded as a literary commonplace.

Now take your new read, the “Amish Heart” trilogy by Miranda Rush. Across the three titles, “Amish Heart,” “Amish Passion” and “Amish Redemption,” you are about to meet Rebekah, the adorable Amish young girl trapped in the web of totally dull traditions, forced upon her by her own family and community. The girl’s heart rebels in love, witnessing once again what a tremendous power lays beneath the apparent fragile nature of our femininity.

Fate however exists, even if we can’t grasp the touch of it. For every ocean to be sailed there are at least two opposing shores to be reached. If you don’t dare across the dark waters how would you learn about the meaning of free will? If you never said “no” what’s the weight of your “yes?”

The story of Rebekah is deeply romantic and highly erotic. It radiates of delight and wrecks of tragedy. Dealing all the time with commonplaces, it tells us how love grows mature and where to look for burning passion in the dusted drawer of traditions. The “Amish Heart” trilogy is anything but cliché! These three books written by Miranda Rush take the reader’s mind for an imaginary ride of reality, giving us the one true message: follow your heart in love, follow your instinct in life. Eyes wide open!

And because this story concludes just days before Thanksgiving, what a nice pretext to get in the mood by having a read at it. Heartily recommended!

Happy Thanksgiving! (Dare clicking on the image, see where it takes you!)

Amish Heart (Erotic Romance) (Amish Heart Trilogy) [Kindle Edition]

Amish Heart (Erotic Romance) (Amish Heart Trilogy) [Kindle Edition]

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