Bullies Left and Right

Happy New 2014! I can begin my first blog of this year by echoing the classic wishes, resolutions, hopes and expectations. Refraining from repeating myself, and others, I dare write a sexy blog, on my erotic site, about the unsexy wars of past and future. This new year, 2014, marks a sad commemoration: one hundred years ago, in the summer of 1914, outraged (but delirious) monarchs (and masses alike) walked into World War One, with flowers and fanfare… The conflagration didn’t last four weeks but four years; it didn’t fix problems in Europe but had it plunge into spirals of retribution and hatred against the individual human being; over the ruins of obsolete aristocracies, the path was cleared for socialist abominations, such as Communism and Nazism, to conquer the stage and industrialize murder — in the name of equality, liberty or peace! Terrorism (the method of choice for the anarchists of the nineteenth century) succeeded in Sarajevo, 1914, to enrage the civilized world into global war. Few years later, it became state policy in Soviet Russia. Between Christmas and the New Year, three black widows detonated themselves in the same old Russia — it was the end of 2013, about a hundred years later. I stop short from mentioning more about this lost century. The mainstream uses to call it “progress” because mainstream will always call progress what feeds it, like a dog will bark for his master regardless of who the master is. On the grand scale, maybe Nero wasn’t too far from Stalin, just that Nero lacked the adequate technology. Which brings us to the problem.


The Internet, a Tool by Adults for Adults

The internet isn’t a toy and it never was meant to be. From its many birthplaces: universities, DARPA, NORAD, we understand that the internet originally had to provide a self redundant network for safeguarding sets of launching sequence-related data. So, in case of a Soviet nuclear strike, the US would keep an intact capability of response. Networked computers were no toys during the Cold War. Even nowadays, all “respectable” spying agencies treat the internet as a very important strategic resource. And then, expectedly, came the politicians. You’ll recognize one by the suit, the smile and the nonsense. They claim to protect the children of their voters. They subsidize poverty into more poverty and penalize successfulness into shame. They bully the individual out of sight when they proclaim unachievable utopias about which they are either ignorant enough to believe in, or they are just smart swindlers knowing that the more equality you profess, the greater tyranny you’ll gather for yourself.

In the UK, bullies from the right have shaped a new bureaucracy around the internet, in the name of children, as if the internet was initially meant to be a universal toy for toddlers — until the adults sneaked in with their content, that is. Now these bureaucrats want to “fix” rape by outlawing “rape porn.”

UK Prime Minister David Cameron recently announced sentences of up to three years in prison for anyone possessing porn depicting simulated rape. This is all part of an all-out British assault on internet pornography, which includes forcing all new customers of Britain’s two major internet services to choose whether they want all pornographic sites blocked.
How Outlawing “Rape Porn” Misses the Point


Rape is very close to murder. I consider that a woman who was raped has also “died” in a way. Her capacity of looking at other people (the same as before her tragedy) has vanished. Rape is a lifelong lasting trauma where the victim is given the option to die every day she remembers about her misfortune.

Undeniably, rape porn sits at the far opposite extreme from romantic porn. To me, and to any human in his sound faculties, such a brutality shouldn’t be simulated as porn, which implies that a certain group of psychopaths could enjoy watching it. This offensive, despicable and horrible “genre” should not exist — according to me. But who am I to censor what I don’t like, what I consider unacceptable for me and, most likely, for the vast majority of women. I don’t know of any woman “wanting” to get raped — it’s absurd. Likewise, I don’t want, and don’t like, to be spanked, beaten, humiliated, during sex. This is a total turn off for me. However, I know some gals who are turned on by spanking and BDSM in general. This is not my dish but it looks like their dish alright. And this makes censoring getting it wrong! This is why governments should do better criminalizing (and eradicating) the real crimes (and criminals) from the streets instead of feeling comfortable about chasing simulations and pretending that the problem has been addressed. It isn’t!, and it won’t be unless the last mentally challenged man out there will understand how to properly treat women, what they want and how he can please a woman in a gracious and healthy manner. Maybe I’m dreaming too far, but I know one thing: censoring does more harm than good, censorship creates more problems than it solves; censorship rarely cures the malady, it usually aggravates the social disease that it claims to combat.

Like porn addiction, bureaucratic addiction cannot satiate itself and, after criminalizing films that simulate rape, they will go after films that simulate murder. Dang! How many William Shakespeare plays and ecranisations would have to be banned by the British Ministry of Truth? Has anyone corroborated the falling incidence of crimes against women in countries where porn is free, as opposed to alarming rates of brutal rapes emergent in countries that ban porn?

Before censoring rape porn, it might be wise to first establish that it poses any threat to women’s safety. Looking at the data reveals that defenders of the ban will have a hard time doing so. As Alexander Abad-Santos points out in the Atlantic Wire, “The connection between actual real-life violence and porn is blurry at best — India, which bans all forms of porn, has been in the news thanks to a rash of brutal rapes. Meanwhile, in the United States the incidence of rape declined 85 percent over a period of 25 years while access to pornography has increased.” Reason has also reported that where porn becomes more accessible, rates of violence against women fall.
How Outlawing “Rape Porn” Misses the Point


The logic of the digits is simple: more imaginary porn on the screen equals less sex crimes in society. Comes the question: are the bureaucrats really so dumb not to grasp this logic? Given the amount of books around them, the fact that they crunch numbers from nine to five, the answer is a blaring no! Bureaucracies breed dictators and tyrants produce excuses that will augment their addiction for power and control. It’s just a refined, nice worded, form of bullying.


Bureaucracies Breed Bullies

From the other corner of the rainbow, the gay maffia (a disguised bureaucracy) has called for the suspension of “Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson. This because the man quoted the Bible and the quotes, horror, were not matching the political correct mantra prescribed by this yet another bureaucracy of the USA.

If I’m still a virgin in some way, it is because I never wished, and never got, anything down my cute ass. I’m not into anal and I find that this is alright. Not wanting anal sex makes me a bigot? If so, then I’m a nudist bigot, finding pleasure in posing for erotic sites where men come to masturbate over my photos then email me the details; a bigot that posted her wet panties when she was asked to; a bigot that even plays in hard core “wifey does hubby” porn.

You can go to church one day and pose naked the other day. You can be a one-man lady, love your hubby, take care of your children, giving them an intellectual education, and do porn on a side note, in a parallel life of yours. But if you don’t like it “in your ass” then there’s a bureaucracy that will label you as a bigot. This is just bullying.

The difference between the “moral” bullies coming from the right and the “obscene” bullies coming from the left is superficial. Their nature and their goals are the same: power and control over the lives of individuals. All they care is tagging names into numbers, organizing numbers by association, naming associations accordingly and then dealing with groups of persons as those were individual entities. This practice is not new, angry Russian revolutionaries had it refined as follows: the center-leftists and liberal aristocrats or the Provisional Government, the workers’ council or the Petrograd Soviet, Mensheviks, socialist revolutionaries, then The All-Russian Central Executive Committee of Soviets (VTsIK), the joining Socialist Revolutionary Party of Kerensky and finally the Bolshevik Party of Lenin. Who cared about little Ivan or poor Natasha? All that mattered was the ribbon they carried and died for, thus adding a +1 to the shrine of working heroes. This was steampunk bureaucracy, before the internet. Technology changes but power addicts don’t.


A Lesbian Pal

Accustomed to receive fan mail from men, I was a bit surprised when a woman has sent me her sincere compliments. Bit curious, I wanted to learn more and I did. The lady had served her country in war but was unceremoniously released from duty because of her sexual orientation; she has found her lovemate, or was found by her (hard to tell); she enjoys a courageous sexual life, (mine is so vanilla modest by comparison); she honestly opened in writing and has a book on Amazon about her story.

We may sail on different boats, from distant ports to other horizons. What matters is when two persons intersect and have something to say (besides hello). Who is the person walking this earth and holding the divine (or governmental) right to forbid that moment of dialog? Who is the one without sin to cast the first stone? (John 8:7)  We may agree to disagree on this or that but we have the right to speak our agreement, or disagreement, out. Speaking out without fear of consequences is an indicator of social sanity.

On anal matters, I vote with Phil Robertson and I shouldn’t be afraid that some bureaucracy out there, left or right, would “cut my coupons” if I don’t like anal and speak out about it.

On personal matters, I vote with my interlocutor, knowing that “every saint has a past and every sinner has a future,” according to Oscar Wilde. For sanctity and sinfulness we were given guides and guidance. Scriptures guide our thinking and loving our neighbor like we love ourselves is the best guidance for our personal actions. When judges were not enough to please the people (Acts 13:20–22), they asked for kings and when they had enough of kings, they demanded for a leader — their next Supreme Leader. Tyranny is a work of collective wishful thinking. Truth is a work of uninvolved individuals yearning for answers.


Opposite Extremes

“Proletarians unite! Gays unite! Mothers unite!” and so on, these are slogans of despots and their supporting bureaucrats. Those people that disdain Phil Robertson, or a lesbian soldier, because they abhor the IDEA OF INDIVIDUALITY. How is that possible? It’s a situation where the opposite extremes have so much in common. At one end the uber-ego of sociopaths embraces the mini-ego of civil servants (read bureaucrats) from the facing end. At their turn, the minis crave for the dictator to dictate them which pencil to pick and blunt today — it matters less how many overcrowded railway cars will move tomorrow under the dash of a pencil (during the steampunk era) or following the edit of a computer record (during the droid era). All that matters for them is their salaries, or their wishful thinking.

Let 2014 (or 1914 + 100) be a reason for reflection. Let it be another reason to follow our natural instinct. Let me indulge in mentalizing the social paradigm: to those in power, we, the individuals, are victims of wishful thinking, hippies and dreamers, speakers of nonsense and perverts; they are the perfect masters of the universe and no word, no reason, no individual may stop them from achieving their Machiavellian ambitions; any of their ways will be given a justification. The future, as crafted by the followers of Stalin, Hitler and Mao, is available for review in the following works of art: Terminator, Idiocracy, 1984 (oh, that’s so passé), Mad Max, Planet of the Apes, The Book of Eli.


Fiction is but a step ahead of history

Hubby helped my idea in this blog with his tech slang (and ideas, mind you). I wished to tell you something about what his tongue performed over my intimate triangle early after dawn, but his tongue spoke about some of the above at breakfast. A tongue is not just a muscle but also a dangerous equipment of expression. You’d better watch your tongue!

Coming this winter on my Southern Charms site: DorisDawn.eu - in pics and videos.

Coming this winter on my Southern Charms site: DorisDawn.eu – in pics and videos.

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