Daring a Pirouette

How much can a woman dare? Very much!, sometimes perhaps too much. One year ago, my firm stance against posting our private lovemaking scenes in erotic movies on the web has melted like a frail icicle under the sunshine or, better said, under the stream of mails. Well, Doris, so if they write you more mails asking you to dye your hair in pink, would you consider doing that?! — says my confused consciousness… No! I won’t dye my hair in pink for the simple reason that it’s not healthy. But was it then healthy to perform in sex videos?, to show yourself not just naked (this you already seem to enjoy and crave) but with a dick in your mouth? Hey!, hey!, it’s not “a” dick, not “any” dick, it is MY man’s dick, big difference!

Thus I fared all year, until November brought Nostalgia and December the Memories of yesteryear. Then dang!, I asked myself again: is hard core porn for me or not? And when I ask myself, I make it in writing, and when I write, I publish the story out for scrutiny. Don’t you ask your hubby?, the romantic dick owner, ya know… Hey!, I am his dick owner! I live on this lovely romance! In lieu of asking him, I told him that I’d be happier to just pose nude and dance naked. But as I spoke out, hearing the silence in, I knew that I won’t abandon my penetrating “porn” movies any time soon. Did I wish it then? Yes! Do I wish it now? Dunno, maybe. Or maybe not.

The soul of a woman is lighter than a snowflake yet tighter than titan. I dared myself against many odds in the past — the most recent being when I decided to show the world wide web how I get penetrated (by the romantic dick I own — sounds old school, right?).

My new dare is all about sensuous dancing. I’ll add this to my few serenity corners: my garden and gardening, my notebook and writing, my prayers and reading. Unlike my previous dare (when I was incited to return an answer, to scream my orgasms out loud), I’ll define dancing as my private harmony, as the quiet realm for my soul to dwell and contemplate the many blessings. Yes, I am grateful for so many things, for the many admirers wanting to see me dancing, not just climaxing… “Not just” means “also”I got the picture!

Until my next explicit facials, please allow me to dare a pirouette for you, and for me!

The less subtle video is available in the Members’ Area. 🙂

Wouldn't it be loverly?

Wouldn’t it be loverly?

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