Miss Match, Sexy Reading

Miss Match, by Nicola Yeager
Have you met Miss Tansy? No?! Then waste nothing less than the time of reading my ravings about her and hurry up to read the book. Yes, yes, I know, I know, haven’t seen the movie either. Too bad they didn’t make one so far. Now please allow me some bits of spoiling chit chat for your entertainment. Not too much because I want you to consume the story with your own eyes, and mind, and fingers, and laughs, and… I’m drifting…

If you’re a gal, Miss Match will take you back, or forth, to those nonchalant days of teensy adventures, where nostalgia had no place, and no time, because of the married “grown-ups” pestering your life with their clutter. If you’re a gent, Tansy will keep you wired with her contours and her wits. If you’re a wife, this reading will teach, or remind, you what not to be as a wife, in spite of an entire society blaring at you to comply.

Tansy’s story is no fantasy, but everyday reality. That kind of reality that would drive you mad if there was no sense of humor on this earth. Miss Match is a book of passage, a discovery quest where all horizons blend across the changing skies of London. You don’t have to wear a fancy hat and imposing garments, to sail over the oceans and defile virgin jungles in order to have your hands on the holy grail of love. No, your happiness is closer to you than you could imagine.

I heartily recommend this lovely novella to anyone who looks to brighten up her, or his, day. And the super spoiler stays with me. My lips are sealed!

Miss Match, by Nicola Yeager

Miss Match, by Nicola Yeager

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