Business Meeting in Boston

We owned a construction business I was the CEO and my wife the safety officer for our organization. She needed to come with me to a meeting in Boston many years ago. She had our secretary go with her to get a suit to wear for the meeting. They came back and showed me a dark business suit that had a white blouse with it and a skirt that came just above her knees. Now you have to realize that our business is a construction business and my wife comes with me to all our jobs as she is the safety officer and she inspects the jobs documenting safety issues found on the jobs, so most of the times we are in jeans.

My wife went home early to get dressed for the meeting. We live about 2 1/2 hours from Boston. I went home, changed into a suit put the two overnight bags into the truck and off we went. It was in early September that we went to this meeting for Contractors. The ride was not very memorable, the Hotel was just off of 495 so it was easy to find.

We got there at check in time, so I had my wife sit in the lobby with our overnight bags, while I checked us in. There was a line there so I got at the end and turned to see my wife relaxing on the couch, her legs were spread and I could see her beautiful auburn haired vagina as plain as day with the light coming in from the big windows. She did not realize how exposed she was. While I was in line a few men went over to her and started
conversing with her standing so they could see between her legs.

I finally got our room assignment and went back to my wife, the 4 men by this time having spent enough time viewing my lovely wife’s vagina that they probably know how many hairs she had on her womanhood. They looked guiltily at me and I just smiled at them saying she is a beautiful lady isn’t she. I am so lucky to be married to her. This broke the ice and I asked if they were going to the Contractor meeting they said yes. Grabbing our luggage I gave my wife my hand to help her up and she was saying to me how nice those guys were coming over and conversing with her while I was in Line. I informed her that she was totaling exposed to them. Her only answer was she was comfortable and she hoped that she made their day.

We stowed our gear in our room and came back down for happy hour. The 4 men were there along with a few more men that introduced themselves to my wife and I. One of the bolder men asked me if I minded if my wife would sit down for them again. I told him to ask her as I told her how exposed she was, if she wants to sit down she can.

The bold one asked her if she would want to sit down with them. The chairs in this room were set up in a circle so that you can converse with each other. My wife sat with her knees together to start with knowing that she would be showing the group her private bits. As the conversation about construction projects and her role as a safety officer for our organization was discussed with the other men. She became comfortable enough with them that she unconsciously let her knees relax opening herself to them. By the time we were called into the meeting hall my wife had shown herself to all again.

At the time that we went to this meeting my wife was one of only about 20 women at the meeting and she was one of only a few women in the group that was actually working in the field. Most of the other women that were there were the secretaries of some of the guys that were from large construction companies.

We were ushered into the dining hall meeting room by the hostesses that were there to show us to our table. The men that we were with arranged that we would sit with them in a large 12 person round table. The men were falling over themselves to help my wife sit and trying to get a seat next to her. I was surprised that they did not push me out of the way to sit next to her.

We had our meal and then the lights went down for the presentation to begin. All of us started to remove our jackets so my wife did also. I was surprised to see that she did not wear a bra either. Her nipples were pointing through her white top. She saw me looking and whispered to me that she did not have a new white bra to put on so she didn’t wear one. I asked her if that is why she was going commando she said that she was trying to save the company money and smiled at me. We sat in such a way that I was rubbing her vagina as we listened to the presentation well I did anyway. After the presentation was over my wife told me that it was a two orgasm presentation.

When the presentation was done the bold one asked if we wanted to go to their suite for a night cap as we did not drink we asked if they had Pepsi in the suite. We would go up there if they would not try to gang up on my wife. They agreed as they figured that they may have a problem with me if I did not like what was happening as a few knew of me when they found out our names.

I told all the men that she had the last word as to whether we go to their suite or not. She was having a good time with all the attention that she was getting, but laid out the ground rules if we were going to the suite for the night cap with the group. They all agreed and we rode the elevator to the floor with their suite on it.

The suite was more like an entire house. The men were executives of a large national construction firm that operates all over the USA and their main office was in the Boston area. Sitting in the living area of the suite, they kept quizzing my wife about our organization. The Bold one asked how far we would go for work and they wanted to know if we could get the manpower needed to do a job. We told them that we were Union and could get the manpower needed.

My wife was sitting on a comfortable over stuffed living room chair while the other 6 of us were sitting on couches. The bold one piped up again and asked if my wife would consider removing her top seeing that everyone could see her breast anyway. She asked me what I thought she should do. I said she should let me help her with her top which I did. The bold one again piped up and asked if they could feel her lovely breast. I said that was up to her. She looked at all the men and said they have been good so that she would let them have a feel. I brought her over to each of the men and let them feel her 40 Cs they all liked that. My wife catching me by surprise said that she was warm and asked if they men minded if she stripped off the skirt noting that they all had seen everything already as she has been watching them looking between her legs as she sat conversing with them.

I went to her back and unbuttoned the skirt and slipped down the zipper, she stepped out of it leaving her in just her 3 inch heels. She went back to the chair and with some coaching from the men put her legs on the chair arms and spread herself for them. Then she put her feet down and spread comfortably we all talked about different jobs we were doing.

We left at about 1 am and my wife walked the hall and down the elevator a few floors to our room naked. She did give each of the guys a hug and they did take some liberties with her that she enjoyed and I passed out our cards and they gave us theirs. I was so proud of my wife that night and I got called from all the men that met her telling me I was a lucky SOB and they really enjoys an otherwise very boring meeting. We also received some work from the men’s organization thanks to my lovely wife. This never happened again even though we worked for the company the men were working for on a few occasions.

3 thoughts on “Business Meeting in Boston

  1. Hi Doris
    My wife and I have been married for over 43 years she was 15 when I met her and she was very modest and came from a conservitive family. It was love at first sight when I saw her running through the halls our high school in her red dress and holding her book to her breast.
    My wife said that she lost her modesty when she had our first child and from there she became more relaxed wearing more revealing clothes at my urging.
    After she had our first child we started going to a nudist camp which was different than anyone that has never been there would think. It was more of a free feeling than sexual
    Her next step was modeling nude for art classes then for photographers.
    This was over about 10 years that we were together 5 years that we were going together and 3 that we were married that we had our first child to the time she started to model nude.


    1. You have a lovely marriage! I’m so happy to read about it in your stories. Your wife also inspires me and gives me courage in what I’m doing.

      Love and kisses to you two,


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