Exposing Louise, Part 1

Chapter 1

This is a true story that happened during the summer of my 20th year. With the girl I eventually married and am still happily married to her 36 years later. We have two grown children and two grand children so far. The names have been changed to protect the guilty parties. We were in my parent’s house.

My parents were gone for the day, so we had the house to ourselves. Louise was 19 years old at the time and I was 21. We were sitting in the living room looking out the window watching the cars go by the house when I told Louise that I really loved her and was thinking about marrying her, but there was one thing that we had to overcome. We have known each other in excess of 4 years at the time and I loved everything about her but her shyness. Louise was a pretty girl about 5’5 tall blonde hair, bluish gray eyes with a 36c 30 34 figure and weighing about 120 lbs. The problem was she dressed nicely but did not like to dress sexily.

I had a problem with this as I wanted to have my woman exposed to other people as much as possible. Sitting on the couch looking out the window I finally confided in Louise that in order for us to be married she would have to trust me and expose herself when I asked her.

Louise was stunned she did not realize that I would want her to do that as my family is very religious and my parents were very strict with all the boys in the family. I told her that I loved her very much, but in order for our relationship to go to the next level, we have to come to a compromise on what she was willing to do and what I wanted her to do.

She asked what she would have to do, when and with whom around. Was this the only time or will this be ongoing. I explained that it would not be all the time but enough to keep the things interesting. “What would you want me to do?” she asked in a frightened little voice. “Nothing illegal, but today I would like you to remove all your clothes and walk around the house naked.” I said to her smiling.

At first she did not want to have any part of that, but when I told her to suit herself I can not even think of marrying you unless you are willing to occasionally do these things for me I let the subject drop and continued looking at the cars going by the window.

It was about a half hour later that we were talking about our past week when Louise just said out of the blue “Ok I will do it.” For a moment I looked at her and said “Do What?” I understood when she got up in front of the window and she started to strip for me. We have been going together for over 3 years exclusively, but we have only been intimate for a few months. I was the first guy to go all the way with her.

Louise was standing in front of me completely naked this is the first time that I have seen her completely naked in the daylight. She was beautiful. I kept looking at her almost in a trance. She was standing looking down at the floor her face a pretty shade of red, with one arm covering her breast and the other hand covering her pubic area the abundant light brown hair on her vagina was showing as she only shaved her pubic area enough to wear her one piece bathing suit and sometimes you could see her pubic hair around the edges of her suit which I liked.

“Well what do you think?” She said finally looking up at me her face a beautiful hue of red.

“You look beautiful, now you only have to get over your embarrassment, stand up straight push your shoulders back and put your hands at your sides. I want you to be proud of your nudity.” I said reverently.

“Ok I will try to be more outgoing” Louise said as she started to put her clothes back on.

“Stop please I want you naked. Fold your clothes and bring them to me please.” I Said As in a trance Louise folded her clothes and brought them to me. I told her to stop in front of me and spread her legs she did and I felt her vaginal area she was really wet I went up to the bath room to get a towel for her to sit on so she would not put a stain on my parents couch. While she was putting the towel on the couch per my instructions in on corner of it I took all her clothes and put them in the back seat of my car unbeknown to her. I had her sit on the corner of the couch sort of facing me with one leg up on the couch so I could visually examine her beautiful vaginal area. This was going to be a first for me also as we were usually in the back seat of my car in the dark.

She did this reluctantly at first but, soon became comfortable with her exposure. We talked about our future all the while I was massaging her vaginal area though out the conversations, until she sort of pushed up to my fingers and came all over my hand. This happened about the time that my parents and brothers were due home. When she finally came down from her orgasmic haze is when she noticed that her clothes were not in the living room in fact I told her they were in the back seat of the car.

Louise was in a panic when I told her that she had to go out to the car to get her clothes and dress in there. She wanted to take the towel, telling me that she might stain the car seats she was so wet. I thought that was a good Idea, but I would not let her take the towel I brought it out first and she had to walk around the front of the car that was parked right near the door almost in our garage. As soon as she got in the car I locked the house and was backing out of the drive way when my parents came home.

Louise was beside herself. She was saying, “What will they think of me I usually stop and talk with your mother.” “They can’t think anything about you as I am driving” I said to her. She rode around town with me in the daylight for a little while naked putting her clothes on just before I brought her home. We talked about her exposure a few days afterward I asked her if she thought she could do that from time to time and she decided she could if that was what I wanted her to do. The following Christmas I gave her a diamond ring on a charm and the following day I gave her the diamond.


Chapter 2

During the years that we went steady Louise was shy. She was a very modest young woman, but if I pestered her enough she would let me take pictures of her with the Polaroid camera I bought. The time I remember the most was the year that her friend Kathy got married to my friend Mark.

That was in 1969 I was on Active Duty in the Army at Camp Drumm NY. The girls came up to see us on Friday and stayed until Sunday night. We were at a motel on the great lake it had a pool as it was in July the weather was just right for swimming. Kathy forgot her swim suit and so did Mark. Mark used his cut offs to go into the pool we talked the girls into going in the pool with their panties and one of our Tee shirts on although Louise had her bathing suit she also went into the pool that way because her friend wanted her too.

They jumped into the pool with us and were playing around about a half hour before they realized that their outfits where transparent and the other guys in the pool could see their breast and vaginal area. Kathy freaked out, so Mark left with her, but I talked Louise into staying in the pool with me.

There were about 7 other guys there looking her over. They came over and talked to her she stayed in the pool talking with them for the next 45 minutes until Mark came over to tell us we had to get dressed as we were going out to eat. All the people at the pool watched Louise get out of the pool. She was so excited that she wanted to have sex as soon as we got into the room, but I had her get out on the balcony of the room and took pictures of her overlooking the thousand islands water way. She started in her wet clothes and slowly took them off as I took the pictures there were 8 pack of pictures I used two packs on her that day the last couple she reluctantly spread her legs for me to have the pictures so I could look at them at night while we were apart.

The weekend was a flurry of sexual activity. We even found a place to do it on the grounds of the hotel by the waterway. Louise flashed some of the soldiers in my unit just before she left the base. Nothing was said about her exposure for a while. We sort of put that in the back of our minds for at least 6 months the adventure in Thousand Islands NY lay dormant. For the year from 1969 to 1970 we did not do anything that stands out in our mind it was a flurry of activity to plan our wedding in September 1970.

To Be continued ?

Exposing Louise – Part 1 (Download PDF)

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