Wife’s Modeling Session Today

My wife has been after me to get her a nude modeling session for a few months now. She is a sexy woman that is over 60 years old. I have been going through the modeling gigs on the Net for a few months sending emails to the ones that I thought would fit my wife’s wishes.

A few weeks ago we connected with an artist in a small town in Massachusetts that is right on the Vermont border he was looking for a mature model over 55 for some Nude modeling. We conversed back and forth for a few weeks and today was the day we connected.

It was about an hour and a half trip to his studio, but my wife wanted to go to Yankee Candle while we were in the area, so we went there first. We had a meeting with the Photographer at 2:30 we met him in Greenfield for the final 20 minutes to his house.

My wife just met the man and they discussed what he was looking for and what she was comfortable with doing. She forgot her robe, so he got her a sheet to cover herself with as she was embarrassed to begin with. She went into the bath room and removed her clothes coming out with the sheet wrapped around her the Photographer asked to see if she had any lines from her bra, panties, or stocking which there was, so we waited for the clothing marks to disappear while she remained covered with the sheet.

It was about a half hour and then the Photographer asked her to expose the parts of her body that she was comfortable with showing, so in a few minutes of taking pictures she had her breast revealed, and within 15 minutes she was laying on her back with her lovely womanhood exposed in all her naked glory. She was getting very excited by this time when the Photographer asked her to spread her legs a little more she spread very wide causing her vaginal lips to open. The action of spreading her legs made the lips of her engorged labia open to show the moist pink inner lips of her flower of life. She was becoming very moist and her embarrassment was becoming excitement as we could see by her engorged labia.

When the Photographer asked her for another pose that she would be comfortable doing she immediately got on her knees with her legs spread showing her femininity in the kneeling position and many pictures were taken of her in this position. She remained that way until she was told to get off the posing platform so he could replace it with a chair with arms.

My wife got into the chair and moved forward as instructed by the Photographer then she looked at me and said I know how he wants me to pose in this chair than she put her legs on the arms and slid forward some more so that she was totally exposing her flower of life to the camera.

After about 10 minutes in that pose and many pictures the Photographer asked my wife if she wanted to have a break she said yes, dropped her legs off the arms of the chair, but did not close her legs she remained fully exposed to us while on break.

The remaining poses that she did were standing holding a scepter and using it as a prop like she was throwing it raising it to the sky and holding it over her head always with her legs spread for balance.

When the Photographer said that he was finished my wife sat on the chair again in front of us with her legs spread so that we could see her womanhood and we conversed about the shoot and to make sure everything that the photographer needed for his show was done. Finally he told her that he had all the pictures he needed and she still remained naked and spread conversing with us. I had to tell her to get dressed as we were leaving shortly.

She went into the bathroom to get dressed but still came out in her panties holding her slacks and topless talking with us as she finished dressing. I am very proud that my wife can be this free with herself to show other men her intimate being that she just met. Another good thing is she made 100 dollars for an hour or so of modeling.

The pictures that were taken of her are being exhibited in a show in Boston MA and Turners Falls MA.
The Artist photo shopped the prints to disguise her face so that she would not be recognized by anyone but me.

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