Day before Thanksgiving 2011

I have been asking my wife when she would like to have another adventure. All right I have been bugging her to have another adventure. She finally relented to get me to stop annoying her, but she told me to find someone new as she was getting tired of interacting with the same men. When I asked her what would be the parameters of the meeting she said she will not have sexual relations with anyone, but other than that she said “surprise me.”

Well that really gave me a lot of latitude as to what my perverted mind could come up with, remembering that I have been talking with a young man through email that lives in Boston area. He wanted to meet with a nude older women and he emailed me he was coming through Berkshire County on his way to spend Thanksgiving at his parents’ home in Vermont the beginning of November, I contacted him a week before Thanksgiving. He told me that he would be through our area on Wednesday afternoon before Thanksgiving. We exchanged cell phones and he called me.

I will call this young man PJ for ease of reference. PJ is a 27 year old single man that is working in Boston. He phoned me as soon as he got my cell phone number we had been corresponding via Email for about 6 months, so I knew he wanted visual stimulation in this meeting, but he and I really didn’t discuss what he was actually looking for, so being the type of person I am I asked him point blank. What are you looking to bring away from this meeting. After stuttering and having a hard time putting two words together in a sentence I figured out approximately what he was looking for with the few words he could string together.

I met with him on Wednesday morning at a diner and after he told me that what he had in mind he thought it would be too perverse for a first meeting. I assured him that my wife set her parameters and what he was asking for was well within them, so I did not see any reason that my wife would not fulfill his wishes. The main reason I met with PJ though was to make sure that he was an OK young man and that went off well so we were on for the meeting at 2:30 Wednesday afternoon, but my wife did not know this yet.

We live on a lake, our detached garage for our house is on a dead end street with one house on each side of the street above us and then there is a woods and golf course in back of them, so from our back door that has a full view glass storm door you can see our drive and garage. I parked my truck in our driveway so that the neighbors above us could not see our back door unless they really tried. My wife came home from shopping for Thanksgiving and backed her Crossover on the south side of the door so going down the street you could not see the back door but only for a second or two. She did not know she was doing this to protect her modesty as of yet. Like it was semi private so everything was set the only thing I had to do is inform my wife that I will be displaying her today.

I helped her bring everything in the house and as she started making the sweet potato’s I told her that at 2:30 there would be a young man coming to our house, so that I could display her. She told me that she was very busy, but that she would be willing to meet with him, but only for a little while as she thought she was only going to just meet him I don’t think she heard that she would be displayed on that day also.

It was getting to be about 2 PM and I told my wife that she needed to disrobe as PJ wanted her naked and kneeling at the door presenting her intimate self to him. My wife was all flustered she did not want to disrobe, but to kneel in the doorway presenting her most private self to someone that she has never met along with the fact that he was younger that our youngest child she did not want to do it.

The reason that I started a half hour early is that I knew my wife would be reluctant to be posed nude as PJ required, so it usually takes me time to have her undress in these circumstances. I started conversing with her and I could see her resolve weaken, she removed her jeans and panties standing at the kitchen counter busying herself with the meal preparations and negotiating with me to let her meet him bottomless and standing at the door, but I wanted her in the kneeling positions as PJ and I agreed upon.

My wife’s submissive side came out as she finally removed her top and bra it was almost 2:30 when my wife finally knelt down in front of the door with her legs spread showing her most intimate place ready to expose herself to a stranger. I walked out the door to make sure PJ did not miss our road. What a beautiful picture my wife made with her flower of life so exposed to view. IF you looked closely you could see her vaginal lips were engorging and moisture forming on the opening to her vagina. PJ showed up almost to the second of 2:30 and when he saw my wife’s exposure in the window of the door he was very excited that he found someone that would make his fantasy come to life.

He walked in the door after taking in her undraped beauty and greeted my wife with a friendly Hello. PJ then offered his hand so that she could get up. My wife was self-conscious of being naked with a young man that was so young she was holding her arm over her breast while he shook her hand and thanked her profusely for making his fantasy come true. PJ then asked my wife to remove her arm from her breast so that he could have a total frontal view of her glorious nudity. She was embarrassed when she dropped her arm not because she was naked but because she was so aroused. Her pheromones were being emitted from her body and both of us noticed them.

Still holding my wife’s hand PJ followed me down to the family room and my wife sat down in a lounger, PJ asked if he could sit between her legs to admire her womanly charms she readily agreed although she was still a little embarrassed by her exposure and she realized that her legs would have to spread further apart for him to sit between them. He pulled is seat up between my wife’s knees grateful that my wife agreed with the seating arrangement for his viewing pleasure.

She was becoming very aroused and both of us could see the moisture being emitted from her slit. They conversed for a while as PJ rubbed the inside of her legs all the way up to their juncture each time he moved his hands up the inside of her legs he got closer to her most private area. I could see my wife stiffen when PJ had the side of his hand into her labia.

Finally PJ asked if he could manually massage the interior of her vagina and by this time my wife was so excited that she told him that she would like that. It took him only about 6 minutes to have my lovely wife withering in the chair her legs spread further than I thought she could and most of PJ’s hand inside of her. I was busy working on her very hard nipples while watching this whole episode unfold.

Looking at the clock PJ said that it was time for him to leave, but he would like to explore one more of my wife’s personal places. He had her get on her knees with her back to him legs spread and using some of her vaginal moisture he worked it into her back door so that he has sampled all of her openings eventually inserting 3 fingers inside her rectal open.

Still nude my wife gives him a hug and walked hand in hand with him up the stairs to the exterior door staying there until he was out of sight. We then went back to the family room, my wife remained nude while we discussed this adventure. After an hour of discussion her conclusion was that to begin with she was humiliated to be so exposed in front of a very young man, but she could see the look in his eyes that he was to the point of worshiping her nudity and she became extremely sexually excited by her exposure.

So much so she told me that she was going to ask him to have intercourse with her, but she thought it would ruin that moment. On a great note our sexual release did not ruin anything but the carpet. It needed to be cleaned anyway.

In closing we would like to say that my wife enjoyed the exposure and I enjoyed watching my beautiful wife give pleasure to a young man with her exposure. He emailed me and thanked my wife for being so brave to expose herself to someone that is so much younger than her and give him a real life experience so closely related to the fantasy that he has had for years seeing an mature woman nude and spread, so he could manually explore her intimately.

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