Mice Maze for Us, Humans

I wish to be happy this morning. But I hardly can. Kids are out to school, so I stop to write (before getting back to crunching numbers). This is (writing) what I do when I’m highly happy, after we’re done making love, but also when I’m sad, like now. Bills and taxes and more bills and even more taxes make me sympathize with the little hamster struggling to find her way out of the maze. Probably she’s in Faraday’s physics lab (remember that intriguing character from “Lost”) or just in a playful kid’s room. Does it matter? The poor animal is terrified. She runs for her life. Her nostrils guide her, so she thinks, to an imaginary cube of Swiss cheese. Of course, there has to be some cheese in a corner – there where the maze has an exit. If it does. But all she gets is a scent. This makes her run. Enthusiastically.

Told an online fan and friend from Texas that I wish to post the fantasies he mails me. Erotic stories, mind you. He’s okay with it.

Hi lovely Doris…..I am sitting in the park and was checking my mail, and thought I would drop you a line to say hello.

How have you been? I hope your weather is better than ours…. it sucks here…. it is thundering and about to rain as I am writing to you. Wish you were here, and you were not devoted to Don, lol……

I imagine you in a cute little plaid skirt, white silk blouse and black thigh highs….. you have slipped your heels off so I can rub those lashes feet of your…….I unzip and stroke my cock with your stocking feet. You of course have no bra on….. and have teased me by unbuttoning three buttons so I get some side boob shot…… your nipples are hard and press again the silk of your blouse. I am rubbing your feet and continue up your legs until I reach your ever so thin white silk panties….. and you do not resist as I slip them down your legs…… removing them I hold to my nose to smell your sweet aroma……. my 8.5 x 2.25 cock is about to explode…. but I must wait…..I have not been in you….

I inhaled the scent from your panties, and felt the dampness of your juices on my lips….. and I got harder….. your feet were busy stroking my cock…… Your stocking feet were driving me crazy. You then moved around so you could take my cock into your mouth, kneeling on the seat left your gorgeous butt in the air ……. and could free from your feet to your dripping pussy….. your aroma drove me harder and harder.
You took in all of my manhood and loved the large head which you licked and sucked like a stick of candy.

I have thick, fairly long cock and she took it all in….I felt her stocking top,,,,,,and moved my hand up to her pussy…..she was dripping…… two fingers were not enough as she sucked and groaned I slid my fingers in and out……..I began to tickle her brown eye with my thumb and slowly entered …..three openings were now filled……and she came…….I slowly opened the car door for air and releasing herself, she slid over and reclining the seat slowly mounted me……I sucked her nipples hard and she came as I drove deeper into her. We came together and dozed off for about 15 minutes……mmmmmmm what a fucking lunch!
I hope hubby doesn’t mind my sending a dick pic to you…..our secret.

I am glad you like the picture. I enjoy taking them for you….also glad that you like the story…..sounds like a photo session you and Don should do….lol!

To this, I wrote my friend back.

You’re such a sweet, Darling!

Our Volkswagen is too small to allow it. 🙂
However, I try to gather some courage for more naked shots on the fields out there. Then, once I beat the fears and get excited by the sunshine, then maybe I’ll lure my photographer into something similar to your story.

Thanks again for mailing me pics,
PS – Attaching one that may inspire you more. 🙂

And we’re back down the maze. I say “we” because I know that I’m not the only hamster running like mad. I have my man running along with me and — see? — fans from overseas are watching. Everyone has a maze to run through, for his, or her, life. We are grateful for the scent of a distant cheese. We may fantasize about it. And we certainly do. My fantasies probably differ from those of others. But does it matter? After all, we struggle to make it out, to liberate and to escape. Which escape is not as probable as the wish of it. What remains is our love, our sympathy and, yes, our frugal fantasies. The first tells us that, having each other, we are more than the maze; the second tells us that we are not alone in the bigger maze; and the third takes us out to a break or two, out of this dang maze of things. Just in time before the next run.

The secret however remains with our dreams and in our fantasies!


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