When you watch an action movie you don’t expect to start leaping thousands of feet in the air off a building and doing somersaults – so why should we expect #realworldsex to be like #pornworldsex?


Below is a great post we received from 22 year old, UK-based MLNP.tv member, harmz. He loves the movie Don Jon just as much as we do!

“I love how in my life how I now understand the difference between real sex and porn sex. Real sex is about connection and it’s all about LOVE. It’s about loving your partner and feeling the connection because it feels so much better. I would watch porn before and try to imitate the scenes with escorts only to have a empty feeling in my stomach. Something never quite felt right when I would watch porn. It seemed masturbating to porn felt better than the actual sex.

Now I’ve discovered its like watching a soap opera, everything is scripted and rehearsed. It’s basically meant for entertainment purposes. It’s like when you watch an action movie you don’t expect to be leaping thousands of feet…

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