Across the User Session

We’re literally swamped. A tedious project lingers over our days, and nights (even weeks), of good thinking. Headaches torture my sanity. Routines plunder my dreams. It’s already Wednesday and he didn’t make love to me, since Friday! Tired beyond midnight, we fall asleep like logs. Excessive work turns us into robots…

Today, early in the morning, his hands rub my pubis, his lips wish to suck a nipple of mine. I put a glimpse on his face. His eyes are still closed. Is he dreaming? Dunno… I realize that both my nipples are erect. I know that I want him in me, that I need him. Now! Am I dreaming? Well, reality wakes me up to prepare breakfast and have the twins riding their bikes to school. I lock the gate and leave the key in there. To make sure…

Lusting, I continue working until he returns from the shower. Before leaving my post, I make sure to witness my presence with a last click. This resets the counter to fifteen minutes, before my user session will expire. Aggressive, I hurry up to ride him, kissing his sensitive parts, enjoying his response. I’m frantic and won’t allow him much space for cuddling. When we turn around, laying on my back, I stretch a finger to his touchpad, to check the minutes. In the middle of my first orgasm, er, possibly on the downhill end of it, I jump out, running to my laptop, where I give a second click – thus I buy another fifteen minutes, to keep my old user session. Back in bed, under my astounded loverboy who can’t believe his eyes. “Don’t ask, don’t wonder, just FUCK!” At my command, he resumes. With my second vaginal orgasm out of me, I call him to masturbate over my mouth. “And FAST!” I say to him. He obeys. His obedient balls serve me a cream thicker and stickier than before, with a stronger added flavor. Sharing from the tip of my tongue, I order him to spread it down my clit. The third orgasm precipitates my muscles to uncontrolled spasms. My hand reaches for his notebook. TIME! I have no time…

Jumping out of bed, I reach my computer to hit a button, at random. Ugh, the administrator area responds nicely. I’m still in! Didn’t lose my user session. Cold air hits me. Naked, I’m trembling in front of the screen. Realizing that I bought another fifteen minutes, I dress up and continue my tiring work. What’s that wet sticky spot on my red heart-shaped chair? Oops! Time to compose yourself, Doris. Back to work!


Vintage sunglasses...

Vintage sunglasses…


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