Sporting Sperm

The first time when I took sperm into my mouth, I ran straight to the kitchen sink to spit it out. It is, probably, a normal reaction in any woman. Even if this upsets your loved one — the “donor” of essence. Still, I wished to study and learn more about sperm, the fluid capable of turning your eggs into babies.

Other than reading the theory, my homework consisted of tasting sperm, not “any” sperm but only my man’s. I used him to cream my coffee, or to thicken my lemonade… Not exactly with fabulous results… In my case, I accepted to ingest sperm with pleasure and serenity only after reading about its health benefits. The seminal fluid is brimming with vitamins and minerals. I know that the acids will break them apart in the stomach, but the mouth and the throat will take advantage nonetheless. Attention here! Swallowing the sperm of any stranger is as hazardous as having random and unprotected sex because terrible bugs may hide in human fluids. A person having been checked for STD’s is just that: verified for currently known bugs, not for the unknown ones. We know that modern medicine, like any science, “knows” less today than it will tomorrow. You don’t want to get hit by the unknown, do you?

From a much safer perspective, sperm makes for an excellent skincare product! Spread it over your neck and chest to enhance the looks and glow of your cleavage.

When I’ve just washed my hair, I usually shy away from a facial. Must be very cautious because you’ll never know where the first jet hits. Not comfortable to wash my hair again, an hour later! Not to mention the embarrassing moments when your neighbor sees a “fluff” in your hair, offering herself to “fix it” while her hasty fingers find the icky “glue” and the helpful smile wanes away in disgust. Gross! Did it happen to you?

However, welcoming his sperm on my face, spreading it on my cheeks, nose, brow and chin, allowing it to dry, is one of the most frequent cosmetic treatments I indulge in. By the way, how many beauty products we buy and take as granted for use on our skin? Do you always read the long lists of synthetic or natural ingredients? In my humble opinion, the sperm provided by your loved one should be accepted at least as a natural beauty cream, organic, no preservatives, no alcohols, no whatever chemicals…

Don’t miss my video release on – Strawberry Dressing (finally published!), my sperm eating show! Or, if you’re not into renting videos, or having exhausted your hours of patience, then you may stream it right away from (pay-per-view) or, if you’re not much into streaming either, then sign in to for an all inclusive delight.

Bon appétit and Happy creaming!!

Sperm is good for you!

Sperm is good for you!

The teaser to a 31 minutes long video with me posing, eating strawberries and eventually inviting my man to pour some creamy dressing on the juicy fresh strawberries. The symphony of flavors was, indeed, delicious. 🙂

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