Thinking of You, August 2014

We’re not much into traditions, although few of them conceal beneficial practices. We’re not much into civilizations that regularly have to put a corner on fire for the opposite one to prosper. We’re not much into routines, as a matter of fact.

However, routines make and kill us all. From moon tides to solar seasons, from “back to school” frenzies to laundry chores, from teeth brushing to bi-weekly updates, we can’t escape routines. As much as we crave for novelty we long for habit.

Four years ago, wishing to dare the waters, we have started (the blog of the shy wifey). Two years ago, we moved Doris’ musings over to (more like a midlife small community gravitating around sexual matters) while opening a couple of personal pay sites: and Now we plan — we work, in fact — to overhaul and consolidate these sites in order to serve you better. Because, you know, our goal is to bring a smile on your face, a wrinkle less on your forehead and a happy heartbeat on midlife and marriage matters… And the page download speed, up to a level where your eye can’t make the difference, is a major imperative of ours.

In a perfect world, server resources would be limitless and free, fridges would fill on their own, kids would be adults a few weeks after birth, bills would belong to memories, telepathy and teleportation would supersede the internet. Yes, you may rush over to Amazon for some collateral reading about perfecting various worlds. But until then, habits are here to stay and lags are here to rush our plans.

Joining Southern Charms — — during the spring of 2013 marked a significant turn in our little erotic quest of midlife. We still have to encounter an equal level of professionalism and diligence on the net (we’re constantly on the look).

Employing the gathered knowledge, looking to give you a better experience of the habit, we’re in train to relocate all our blogs under CougarBunny.DorisDawn.comΒ (here) at — the best place for intelligent blogging on the web.

Consequently, has gotten not just a facelift (the website, mind you) but also a core shift: the new software boosts the time response of the entire site, gives you immediate access to watch high resolution images and high definition videos, even the comics are loading faster now… can you believe that?!

Maybe the most impressive opening of this year is Doris’ new personal adult presence with ModelCentro — see her at We couldn’t beat them guys at scripting abilities so we’ve joined them. offers you photosets and HD videos, event calendars (even a blog and a “tip me” page) at lightspeed via a simple, no brainer, user interface.

What Doris loves above all (as in getting sentimental, I mean), tech glitches aside (she doesn’t understand them too well), is — the concept that brings a fresh and much needed breath to eroticism. This site, like Google the yesteryear, might reach beyond its initial targets. It might change society (no kidding here), if only the streaming glitches would be gone (and Cindy just wrote us that they will be). We have posted three videos for rent so far (the fourth still waiting in line), we rented one and we simply love what Cindy Gallop, Sarah Beall and the wonderful MLNP disruptive team do there.

Vimeo is an excellent video platform if you have moving pics to share, and we do!

Twitter’s tolerance made it the go-to place when someone asks us about social media presence

Doris even dared herself over to (go search for “Doris Dawn”) giving me more production and publishing chores, night and day. Cannot help myself but revere her diligence.

And no, we’re not swingers (we’re selfish enough not to share our bugs with anyone else). Bisexual fantasies have been old news for decades. Our home porn experiment resides in finding the art of letting them freely roam behind the screen. An exercise of exteriorization through a parallel universe.

Thus ends Doris’ and her Don’s third report. Next, God willing, coming in August 2016.

Thinking of you!

Reporting for fun and duty: Doris Dawn – happily married cougar bunny and true amateur MILF/housewife nude model – and Don Dawn – her Fotomann, chauffeur, ass licker, sex toy and so on and so forth.

Enhancing photos

Within a budget falling short (or long) of buying a DSLR camera, without RAW format originals, here we go with the few simple “secrets” that I employ after shooting and downloading the JPG pics.

0. For the regular updates on Southern Charms (, Doris makes the selection from the original photos and then allows me to upload them to the SC servers. No editing, no processing on our end.

1. For the photosets on and for the galleries on, Doris selects them first (she’s the boss!) and then I apply a watermark before uploading them to the servers. No enhancing on our end.

2. For various wallpapers and images that you can see in blogs like this, I often enhance the “pristine” out-of-camera JPG’s using the GNU Image Manipulation Program (in short, the GIMP – yes, silly name, says Doris) which is the open source equivalent of Photoshop (see?, we do everything on a budget) running on Linux.

While many editors use to spray and blur the images, willing to achieve the Barbie type of plastic shiny skin, I head the other way: Filters > Enhance > Sharpen, then Filters > Enhance > Unsharp Mask. Other separate effects coming in handy at times are duotone or black and white. Doing this because I love her wrinkles, I love her as she is in reality and I wish to put this reality into a sharp perspective. To give it volume. To show you the natural in her.

3. Dim or foggy images, the ones that are not discarded right away, suffer more editing and effects applied by FX-Foundry scripts, on occasion turning them into digital paintings. Wish I’d had the luxury of time and dexterity of hand to paint her nude without the aid of a computer. But nobody’s perfect…

5 thoughts on “Thinking of You, August 2014

  1. Hello, Doris, I does not like photos are perfect. I find, blurred admissions(intakes) give more place to the dream, allow space for the imagination. To reach(get) to this aim I take photos analogously(by analogy).

    Regards from Germany

    PS: Excuse, but my English is very bad πŸ˜‰

    1. Hello Ronald,
      Analog photography catches the dream better than digital. You are so right.
      However, analog remains out of reach for us, for now.
      Next time, you may write in German. πŸ™‚
      A kiss from Hungary,

    1. Makes me think of occupational hazards then. But if I stay an amateur, then it could be just a hobby.
      Fret not, I understand what you’re saying, complimenting the photos.
      Thank you!! xoxo

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